Why a Mobile-Friendly Freshdesk Support Center Theme is Important

Posted on 30 Nov 06:08 pm


In 2017, mobile devices have exceeded fixed-devices buy numbers of access to the internet. The growing trend is still continuing. In other words, more people continuously use devices, such as smartphones and tablets to get online more often than via PCs or laptops. Therefore, the importance of being present online with a quality mobile version of your website has become even more crucial than ever. And of course, this trend is also applicable to your Freshdesk support center pages.

Techniques for Creating Mobile-Friendly Freshdesk Design

There are several unique ways how Freshdesk can develop mobile-friendly helpdesks along with Breezy Themes, which offer professional responsive Freshdesk support center themes. You can find some methods to optimize your pages to mobile devices:

  • Make sure all your pages are responsive

If you want to let your pages adapt to the user’s devices automatically, Freshdesk design has to be responsive. The location of information, and sometimes the entire layout changes to fit the user's screen whether they access your page via a computer, tablet or mobile phone.
  • Get ready to welcome Retina displays

More and more brand-new devices are equipped with Retina displays that are famous for delivering HD images. An owner of such device will immediately see the difference between a Retina-optimized website and not. The second one will definitely lose in terms of quality.
  • Your mobile layout is better off customized

Considering that Freshdesk support center gives you an opportunity to assigna mobile layout to pages, it would be a great idea to take advantage of this possibility. Even though you think that your desktop-based layout is developed to perfection, it is not enough if it’s not displayed perfectly on mobile devices.  
  • Conduct testing of mobile functionality

Whenever you launch something new, it has to be tested in order to eliminate any possible mistakes. New Freshdesk support center pages are not exceptions and need to be tested on different devices. You have to make sure that all mobile functionality like touch-and-swipe navigation, for instance, works flawlessly and each page fits the screen correctly.

Advantages of a Mobile-Friendly Freshdesk Support Center Theme

Having a mobile-friendly helpdesk will definitely increase the coverage of your customers whom you will be able to assist and execute business with. Considering a constantly increasing number of mobile devices, you will relatively gain a lot more customers by enabling them feel an excellent experience using your Freshdesk support center. As a result, you will get higher conversion rates and loyalty.

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