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Why Work with Freshworks Partners?

Posted on 29 Oct 2021

 Freshworks partners


Are you looking for a process that helps delight your customers and employees? Freshworks builds and delivers affordable SaaS that is designed for the end-user and is quick to implement.

Freshworks uses a rigorous process to select their partners. The selection process isn't based on just expertise but also on the maintenance of high-quality standards. Freshworks partners are very proficient and can perform various tasks, including consultations, technical assistance, Freshdesk customizations, and any other service you may need.

Working with Freshworks Partners Vs. Alternative Options

As a business, you can choose how to implement additional services to your Freshworks products. However, not everyone has the technical know-how to get the job done.

The design and customization of your Freshdesk knowledge base is an excellent example of such a service that requires coding knowledge to get it right.

Branding and customizing your Freshdesk can help your business significantly. However, when implementing a knowledge base that wasn't originally part of your main website, it is important to make it look like your parent website.

Generally, there are three options for this process. You can:

  • Use an internal specialist
  • Hire a freelancer or outside help
  • Choose an official Freshworks partner

We will review each option below.

Using an Internal/Company Specialist

You may have a team that can customize your Freshdesk knowledge base and have it running. It will save you the cost of outsourcing help. While this may sound like a great idea, it usually isn't the best option.

Regardless of your specialist's professionalism in web development and coding, they may not have all the information and experience to complete the task in its entirety. In most cases, they will need some time for extensive studies to better understand all the features and functions of Freshdesk.

There is also the issue regarding compatibility and other peculiarities that your specialist may not have the time or resources to understand. Freshdesk also needs regular maintenance and updates, which your specialists may not be prepared for.

Hiring a Freelance or Outsourcing a Non-Official Company

This option is quite similar to the first process. But the difference is you will be hiring outside help. Hiring someone from outside the company can have its advantages. For one, you can be confident that they will have more experience working with Freshdesk than your internal specialists.

But like with enlisting an internal specialist for help, you should be prepared for possible delays due to unforeseen bugs or more time for testing. There could be a myriad of mistakes that occur during and after the process.

Nevertheless, this can be a better alternative if you have more time to achieve your objective. But results you get may not be what you initially expected.

Hiring a Freshworks Partner

Working with a Freshworks partner guarantees that all possible consequences with your Freshdesk knowledge base will be eliminated. The certified experts will not just implement your Freshdesk objectives effortlessly, quickly, and effectively. They can also recommend further adjustments that make your processes run smoothly. Your internal specialist or freelancer may not even be aware of these adjustments.

Freshworks partners can also provide you with better solutions and shortcuts to achieve even better results with your processes. Only professionals with the technical know-how of Freshdesk can offer such recommendations.

With the necessary experience and skillset, you can be confident in the quality, punctuality, and guaranteed expertise a Freshworks partner offers. You get your money's worth and have peace of mind knowing that the job was done to your expectations.

Summing Up

Work with official Freshworks partners to help you start and run products effectively today. One of them is Breezy Themes, which offers you ready-to-use themes, branding, and Freshdesk customization.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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