Advantages of Freshdesk Portal for Your Company

Posted on 31 Aug 2021

Freshdesk creates a convenient environment for users and support staff. Your clients can use a simple self-service option, while your agents can solve more tickets in a short time. This reduces the burden on your employees and boosts customer satisfaction. Read on to see how you can achieve it.


Guide to Freshdesk Customization

Posted on 30 Jun 2021

Are you new to the Freshdesk knowledge base and want to get it right from the beginning? Then you've come to the right place. Here you can learn how to customize the Freshdesk portal and what aspects to concentrate on.


Pros of Freshdesk Customer Portal

Posted on 15 May 2021

Self-service has become very popular because people prefer to solve their problems by reading articles rather than sending tickets or making calls. So businesses should offer a customer portal like Freshdesk to give all the information to their users.


How Mobile-Friendly Freshdesk Portal Enhances the Self-Service Experience

Posted on 29 Apr 2021

It's important to offer the same high-quality service on desktop and mobile devices. Your clients care about their convenience only, and they judge websites very strictly. Therefore, by focusing on a mobile-friendly Freshdesk portal, you can significantly enhance the self-service experience and customer loyalty.


Enhancing Customer Support Through Customer Self-Service Portal

Posted on 31 Mar 2021

The customer self-service portal is significantly becoming a favorite option for many businesses. It replaces people while improving the overall quality of service. Read on if you want to know how you can enhance customer support with a self-service portal.


How To Arrange Content in the Freshdesk Portal and Community Forums

Posted on 17 Feb 2021

Freshdesk portal is the fastest and easiest way for users to get answers to their questions. And the content organization is critical to building it. So it’s your main task to arrange content in such a way that it meets your customer needs and provides answers to their frequent questions in a hassle-free manner.


Design Trends for Freshdesk Customer Portal 2021

Posted on 21 Jan 2021

A professional-looking and intuitive Freshdesk customer portal encourages your clients to self-serve 24/7 instead of bombarding agents with repetitive requests. Breezy Themes has extensive experience in building Freshdesk and Freshservice knowledge bases, and we’d like to share some design trends.


How to Effectively Implement the Top Customer Experience Trends of 2021

Posted on 15 Dec 2020

It’s vital to have a comprehensive customer experience strategy for companies to grow. Take a few moments to review a study on how a robust CX strategy can help bolster your company's success in 2021.


4 Tips to Encourage Clients to Buy More

Posted on 30 Nov 2020

No matter what kind of business you have, attracting clients to buy more is vital. A variety of variables determine the number of customers and how much they purchase during their visit. Take a few moments to review some helpful tips to encourage customers to buy more. 


How to Rock the 2020 Holiday Season with Your Customer Support Team

Posted on 1 Nov 2020

The holiday season has a lot to offer – from one side, hundreds of new customers, orders and revenue, while from another point of view, it may cause a lot of mess, problems and stress if the support team isn’t ready. What can you do to improve your customer support during the 2020 holiday season?


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