5 Ways to Improve Freshdesk Chat Support Solution

Posted on 15 Aug 05:00 pm

Live chat support provides great advantages to your clients as it lets them communicate with a real person immediately. It gives them another reason to stay and contact you without leaving disappointed. Look at five tips on how to provide effective chat support with Freshdesk.


Why Is Freshdesk Support Portal Important for Your Business

Posted on 11 Jul 11:00 am

Inability to interact with people face-to-face makes it even more challenging to provide superb customer service online. Freshdesk support portal can take care of all significant areas of the workflow and lessen the workload for your staff.


How Freshdesk Branding Impacts the Customer Experience

Posted on 29 Jun 01:00 am

Freshdesk branding plays an important role in the user experience. Try treating the customer portal as your clients’ SOS button, considering that people go there when they need help. These moments can be characterized by a high level of confusion and it's important to smoothen experience of your customers.


Creating a Round-the-Clock Freshdesk Self-Service Portal

Posted on 31 May 09:28 pm

The Freshdesk portal provides your users with a 24/7 self-service support possibility wrapped into an intuitively clear interface. It follows the modern trends and stays ahead in the market to offer everything that your customers may need.


How Freshdesk Features Can Be Beneficial to Your Business

Posted on 26 Apr 09:00 pm

Tons of tickets, infinite numbers of lost communications and messy files are the everyday challenges of online businesses. Freshdesk can quickly transform your customer service and lift it to a new level of support.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Free and Paid Freshdesk & Freshservice Themes

Posted on 21 Mar 10:57 pm

Why does a quality Freshdesk and Freshservice theme matter so much? Many people base their trust to companies on the first impression. Studies have proved more than 95% of users leave the site if they don’t feel like trusting it from first glance. So what to choose: a free or paid theme?


How Freshdesk Can Make Your Customer Support Exceptional

Posted on 28 Feb 11:00 pm

More than 150,000 companies trust Freshdesk. It's one of the market leaders that provides excellent helpdesk and support services. Freshdesk offers many channels and premium features that help you provide better customer experience. 


FAQ vs. Freshdesk and Freshservice Knowledge Bases

Posted on 29 Jan 07:41 pm

Knowledge bases and FAQ are the first aid for customers and users of your website as soon as they have a doubt, question or an issue. Let’s compare the latter with Freshdesk and Freshservice knowledge base.


How to Rock the 2018 Holiday Season with Your Customer Support Team

Posted on 16 Nov 09:00 pm

The holiday season has a lot to offer – from one side, hundreds of new customers, orders and revenue, while from another point of view, it may cause a lot of mess, problems and stress if the support team isn’t ready. What can you do to improve your customer support during the 2018 holiday season?


Proper Look and Feel of Your Freshdesk Support Portal

Posted on 25 Sep 04:00 pm

The purpose of a proper look and feel is to leave the right impression of your Freshdesk support portal on users. Establishing the right opinion about your business will be a strong selling point your buyers can key into against others.


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