Retina-ready and responsive templates for Freshdesk

Our responsive templates for Freshservice and Freshdesk support center are compatible with all sorts of devices

Diverse displays show differently

Responsive design allows for changing the position of elements in accordance with the device type — either it’s a desktop, a smartphone or a tablet. Based on recent research, approximately 66% of people surf the internet via mobile devices and the worst part is that 61% of them will leave a website if it’s not compatible with their device! This frightening number leaves companies with no choice but to make their websites responsive, otherwise the consequences are way too serious.

A Freshdesk support center needs to be responsive too, otherwise it will lose its “support qualities” for mobile users. Optimize your Freshdesk support center today and stop losing your valuable customers.

Different page layouts are created for different devices

Get ready for Retina!

The number of computers with Retina displays keeps growing. The key feature of these displays is invisibility of pixels. However, you need to adapt your website if you want it to look decent on these types of displays.

The good news is that our Freshdesk and Freshservice responsive templates are already compatible with Retina displays by default. Hence, your customers are guaranteed a great experience after using your Freshdesk support center.

Clear details on the screen will be appreciated by your visitors

Responsive websites are Google’s favorites

Starting in 2015, Google began to differentiate between websites with responsive design and those without and rank them differently, giving the lower points to mobile unfriendly ones. Particularly if the majority of your traffic originates from your Freshdesk support center, you MUST optimize it and make it responsive.

If traffic comes from a search engine and your visitors see a non-responsive support portal, they will most likely prefer other websites to yours. However, you can easily optimize your Freshservice and Freshdesk support center and make it responsive with our templates in a matter of minutes!

Make your customers feel welcome

By fine-tuning your Freshdesk support center to all device types you will demonstrate to your audience that you care about their demands, attention to detail and professionalism. Be sure that your efforts related to making your Freshdesk support center user-friendly will be much appreciated!

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