Crucial Reasons Why You Should Customize Your Freshdesk Theme

Posted on 19 Oct 10:13 pm


Excellent customer service is invaluable to any business, especially when everything is going digital. People don’t always use telephone to make inquiries; some prefer online assistance. It is essential that digital communication is human and natural; therefore, a customized Freshdesk support center is needed.

Reports from Econsultancy state that 74% of marketers agree with the fact that personalized and customized websites record increased customer engagement.

Simple Ways to Customize Your Freshdesk Theme

There are a few ways you can customize your Freshdesk theme to make it look user-friendly, more professional, appealing and, most importantly, very useful for the customers. These few steps will help you achieve a well-customized Freshdesk help center:

  • Design layout and content architecture improvement: Having a well-designed and user-friendly Freshdesk support portal will enable your customers to have a smooth experience that will have them coming back for more. The layout should be the first thing you should consider customizing so that it looks more straightforward to use. Start with making a minor change in the numbers of columns in the Freshdesk theme. Then proceed to the custom units and add the content navigation on the right or left side of the Freshdesk knowledge base template. Another thing to consider is adding animation, possibly a video. Research shows that videos get more engagement than images, so consider adding them too. Furthermore, images with sliders add a perfect touch to everything.
  • Optimizing Freshdesk theme features optimization: Use ticket forms, add responsive themes, customize your help button; make sure widgets appear in conspicuous places so customers can quickly locate them. Tweaking the widgets will give the Freshdesk support center a better look.
  • Search features optimization: Often, customers who visit your Freshdesk help center make use of the search button to access certain information. With that in mind, placing the search bars in a more visible position can increase engagement. It may be wise to replace the word “Search” with “Ask for help” or “How may we help you?”
  • Making your Freshdesk support portal match your site: To ensure uniformity with your website, make the size of the header and footer of your helpdesk the same. You can also add a few extra header menus to match the catalogue of your store. Make sure that the width and the height of your Freshdesk theme align correctly with each page on your primary site.
  • Add additional helpful info. Adding links to a few of your social media pages will prove beneficial for your customers at some point. A direct link to your Twitter or Facebook will enable your customers to receive a prompter response.

Numerous Benefits from Customizing Your Freshdesk Theme

Increased customer engagement: There will be an increase in the number of engagements you get on your page. A user-friendly Freshdesk theme can also increase your number of sales, depending on how you utilize it.

Customer engagement: There will be a tremendous increase in the level of commitment you receive from your customers. This commitment (if utilized well) can turn into sales for your business.

Customer Retention: When your customers are satisfied with their first experience, they will surely come back for more because they trust your services. This is what you will enjoy when you customize your Freshdesk support center to suit your users.

Bigger Sales: Helpdesks that have a reliable and customized system based on the locations of clients/customers will receive more sales.

Stellar Reputation: The best way to win the trust of your clients is to create the best personalized and easily accessible customer service experience.

How Professional Themes Can Customize and Improve Appearance of Your Freshdesk Support Center

As stated earlier, themes can give you a well-customized helpdesk. Freshdesk help center is no exception; with Freshdesk themes from Breezy Themes you will get the best.

The Breezy Themes come with fresh design and format that will improve your customers’ experience on your Freshdesk support portal page.

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