If you’d like to spend as little time as possible on your theme installation, simply reach out to us, and we can handle the job for you.

Important: You should give us temporary admin access.

Installation of Freshservice or Freshdesk themes is also possible without our involvement. The process is quick and straightforward. You can follow the steps in our detailed instructions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the installation include?
The service provides template installation on your portal.
Is it possible to install a theme on my own?
Sure! This process is described in our installation guide in detail. Everyone can do it without coding.
What should I do upon the purchase?

You should wait for our specialists who will contact you soon. Please give them temporary access to your support portal so that they could install the purchased product.

How long does installation take?
Freshdesk and Freshservice installation lasts for 12-48 hours. The exact period is determined by the product you selected and the time spent on correspondence with your team. To start your project, we need some details like passwords and usernames.
What does the installation cost?
It is absolutely free for you.
What if we require more changes?
For this, we have created Freshdesk/Freshservice Branding and Customization services. They assist in making your support portal eye-catching and convenient to use. Besides, it will correspond to your brand design completely.
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