Code can work or not – stop guessing

Bugs, errors and maintenance issues might be the result of messy code in a long-term scenario

Risks of a “fast and sloppy” approach

Whenever you are about to purchase something, for instance an electronic gadget, is your final decision based solely on price? Do you believe that cheap stuff is great for saving and getting the best product in the long-term perspective? We bet you don’t, right?

If so, why do you treat the code for your Freshservice or Freshdesk theme differently? Do you think that its quality is less important and “it’s fine” to accept the first cheap offer that looks okay at first glance and ignore the quality aspect that this offer might not have?

Just for a second replace your Freshservice or Freshdesk knowledge base template with a building and imagine that every minor change you make is like a reconstruction. If your foundation is not sufficient, sooner or later you’ll have to rebuild the entire house in order to merge several rooms into an open space on one floor, add a beautiful terrace, another level or a balcony.

The same will happen to your Freshservice or Freshdesk support center if you use “fast and sloppy” programming. As a result, the final costs might be greater than the original price of a quality foundation.

“Fast and sloppy” code

This refers to code that developers write as quickly as they can and most often simply by copying parts from other similar projects plainly without making sure that every function works correctly, without testing accuracy, responsiveness and possible bugs.

Avoid issues with standard Freshdesk and Freshservice functions

Developers not authorized by Freshworks may not be aware of the hidden characteristics and features. As a result, you might have sloppy-looking pages within your support center.

Lack of knowledge about Freshdesk features may lead to its messy look

How dirty code spoils your Freshservice or Freshdesk theme

Here is a brief list of possible issues that you might experience:

  • Bugs and possible errors. Fast jobs often mean lack of testing, not talking about polishing, fine-tuning and double-checking. As a consequence, some issues can come up after installing your Freshservice or Freshdesk theme, for example in two days, weeks or months after. And the worst part about these bugs is that they will be visible to a large number of your customers and involve more costs to fix them.

  • Maintenance. Extending or changing an original clean code is a hundred times simpler, faster and safer. Furthermore, it’s simply not convenient to reach out to those first developers of your “sloppy code” in order to request some changes. Sometimes your current tech guys will rewrite the entire thing again because it will be a lot simpler than wandering through the woods of the existing alien code.

  • Clarity. Quality codes are always easier to read, understand and modify when a Freshservice or Freshdesk theme is passed on to a different developer. This is a long-term perspective benefit.

  • Unpleasant surprises. Quality over quantity is a common key in motivating your developers. No one likes waking up in the middle of the night to fix new bugs. Apart from stress, constant problems are huge causes of demotivation.

Example of code that is difficult to read

Breezy Themes developers are authorized Freshservice and Freshdesk experts and know what to pay attention to in order to make your life a lot easier. As a result, there won’t be any need to contact us or request minor changes as you only need to know HTML and CSS in order to alter anything on your Freshservice or Freshdesk theme. All the prices you see are final without any extra or hidden costs and you won’t need to pay us for changing something in future as you will understand the code easily.

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