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Pros of Freshdesk Customer Portal

Posted on 15 May 2021



Self-service has become very popular today because people prefer to solve their problems themselves by reading articles rather than sending tickets or making calls and waiting for an answer. With this increasing trend, businesses should offer a customer portal like Freshdesk to provide all the information for their users.

Why Do Businesses Need a Freshdesk Customer Portal?

The Freshdesk portal allows you to improve support processes by empowering your clients to help themselves and also build a thriving community around your products and services. What is important is that you can make use of all its features without developer assistance. Let's see what advantages the Freshdesk portal offers to your agents and customers.

Powerful Self-Service

A well-organized Freshdesk portal makes it much easier for customers to find what they are looking for. They can access a lot of information: articles, instructions, FAQs, announcements, etc. Freshdesk is a well-structured knowledge base with multiple categories, folders, and articles to provide your users with comprehensive information. This self-service portal will result in ticket deflection. Users will not feel the need to contact your agents for every small question. Thus, your support team can focus on more complex issues instead of answering minor, repetitive questions.

Engaged Community

One of the main reasons for having a Freshdesk customer portal is creating a group of engaged customers who would like to help each other. This self-service platform offers your clients a place to ask questions, share ideas and experiences, and communicate with each other. Most Freshdesk communities have experienced users who have a long history with your product and can help newbies understand it better. Users can also suggest ideas and features that they would like to have in your products.

Brand Consistency

Your support center should be a seamless extension of your main site. Breezy Themes allows you to brand your Freshdesk knowledge base easily. You can change colors and fonts, add your company logo and icons, and change the homepage layout so that users will feel like they haven’t left your main site. With Breezy Themes, you can create a seamless experience for your clients that matches your company brand and reinforces trust.

Convenient Place to Submit Tickets

If your clients can't find answers to their questions on the Freshdesk portal or if they have a complex request, they still have an option to contact your support agents. Freshdesk lets them switch between self-service articles and the 'submit a ticket' form very quickly. 

Mobile-Friendly Customer Portal

Freshdesk portal is mobile-optimized. It lets your customers use it on the go on any device, from desktop to tablet and mobile. The design is responsive so that the portal is easy to navigate and content is easy to read on all devices. 

Customer Information at Your Fingertips

The Freshdesk knowledge base helps you gather information about your clients that is relevant to their issues. You can do it with customizable ticket fields that you can tailor according to your needs. For example, if you get additional information like order ID in the ticket, you will get contextual information about the problem immediately and avoid unnecessary emails. With the Freshdesk knowledge base, you can also offer dynamic ticket forms where fields change depending on the words the customer enters.

Support for multiple products and languages

Freshdesk allows companies with multiple products or brands to build self-service knowledge bases for each product and control all interactions in one place. You can also change the design for each portal according to the product or brand guidelines. Multiple languages are not a problem either and your clients can navigate the knowledge base in their language.

Suggesting Solutions before Submitting a Ticket

Freshdesk can offer solutions to your users when they are creating a ticket. It suggests relevant articles depending on the ticket subject so that they can use this content to solve their problems on their own. Users can click the article link to check if it solves their issue or send a ticket if it doesn't.


Freshdesk also allows you to find out how well your self-service customer portal is performing and how satisfied your users are. You can see the number of views for an article, the number of positive and negative votes, and many more. It is also possible to optimize your content for organic search if you add relevant keywords and metadata. These insights will let you provide your customers with better content and powerful self-service and lower the load on your support agents.


The Freshdesk customer portal helps companies support their clients without overloading the support team. A self-service knowledge base is convenient for users who prefer to help themselves and want to get information fast and easily. Besides, Freshdesk gives you additional information about the context of the problem. If you are not using an online knowledge base, now is the right time to begin, and Freshdesk is a great choice. 

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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