How to Effectively Implement the Top Customer Experience Trends of 2021



Nowadays, it’s vital to have a comprehensive customer experience strategy for companies to succeed and grow. Customers have access to virtually any service or product they want, along with a variety of reward or customer loyalty programs associated with them. As a study by Hotjar shows, this allows customers to be more choosy than ever before. Take a few moments to review some of the information this study shows and how it can help bolster the success of your company going into 2021.

Customer Service is the Primary Concern for Companies Today

Today’s top businesses are giving more priority to customer experience and less importance to revenue. CX leaders enjoy increased revenues when compared to companies without a CX strategy. To put this in perspective, 42% of businesses that emphasize customer experience reported revenue of more than $100 million annually. In contrast, nearly 50% of companies without a customer experience strategy brought in less than $1 million. These numbers indicate just how effective building a robust CX strategy can be to the bottom line. 

Customer Feedback is Everything

It’s equally important to take customer feedback seriously and incorporate this feedback into business operations. Customer feedback can provide your company with valuable, honest insights into what works and what doesn’t.

Inadequate Employee Training or Experience is a Major Obstacle

Providing your employees with proper training and access to resources is essential. Your employees are the direct point of contact between your business and the customers you depend on. Invest time in improving the attitudes, skill sets, and expertise of your staff. Rude or poorly trained employees will present a major obstacle in understanding your customers' needs and concerns.

Wait Times are a Big Problem for Customers

Waiting in line for extended periods of time can have a negative impact on your business. Issues with wait times are a problem for virtually any company out there, big or small. It’s a good idea to invest in methods, technology, and labor to minimize waiting times as much as possible. 

Implementing a CX Strategy

Keep your team motivated and encourage employees to be passionate about the needs of customers.

  • Involve the whole team in your CX strategy.
  • Look at things from the point of view of the customer.
  • Examine and evaluate customer behaviors and purchasing trends.

Express the need for your staff to listen carefully to customers as this is an integral component of any CX strategy

  • Offer customer experience surveys.
  • Open a direct line of communication to customers.

Develop deeper relationships and experiences with the customers

    • Focus on direct contact with the customer where it’s needed the most, automating areas where person-to-person interaction may not be necessary.
    • Invest in staff training to encourage empathy, understanding, and appreciation of customers.
    • Incorporate the use of an expert knowledge base (such as the Freshdesk customer portal) to go above and beyond what customers expect.
    • Give attention to the post-purchase customer experience as well.

    Alleviate Sources of Friction

      • Find and eliminate potential points of friction between your staff and customers.
      • Employ self-service solutions wherever you can.

      Quickly respond to customer queries

        • Take the initiative to reach out and follow up with customers.
        • Offer customers various forms of getting in touch with you around the clock.

        With the help of these tips, your business will experience more momentum and growth in 2021 because the success of many companies can come down to your CX strategy. Incorporate these findings into your business operations to optimize profits, development, and KPIs.

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