Multiple languages

30+ languages and extra multilingual capabilities for your Freshdesk or Freshservice support portal from Breezy Themes

Improve your Freshdesk or Freshservice support portal with extra multilingual functions

Even though the standard multilingual feature is part of the Freshdesk and Freshservice support portals, integrating it into a non-default knowledge base template may become an unexpectedly challenging task. Profound knowledge of Freshdesk and Freshservice architecture is crucial in the application of the programming to a wide range of elements, like menus, icons, etc.

Breezy Themes supports multilingual functions across all templates to craft user’s experience. Besides the basic Freshdesk and Freshservice multilingual feature that includes 30+ languages, all knowledge base templates developed by Breezy Themes support additional language capabilities.

Modifying the basic functions of Freshdesk and Freshservice support portals

The basic Freshdesk and Freshservice support portal elements can be translated into foreign languages and thus meet the expectations of users over the world. In other words, service and welcome notifications, company tag lines and footer-based alerts can be converted into different languages. Visitors have an option to choose the language of the knowledge base.

Translating custom elements and articles

Not only the standard but also the custom Freshdesk and Freshservice support portal elements can be adapted to a foreign language. Callout boxes, icons, text in customized elements, phone numbers and buttons can be converted into different languages. Furthermore, custom elements can be altered to match the knowledge base template visually in terms of design and graphics. Such adaptations are crucial considering that various languages appear differently on the screen due to the length of words, symbols, sentences, and unique language structures.

Breezy Themes pays particular attention to the tickets and articles to optimize them to different languages and keep the user’s experience at its heights. As a result, you will see a reliable, professional looking, fully adopted, multilingual knowledge base.

User’s language recognition

Freshdesk and Freshservice use special technologies which allow them to detect the user’s language automatically in accordance with the emails or other communication channels with the support portal. The response to the user will also be customized to the frequently used language to provide superb service and deliver the message as clear as possible.

Provide a better service with Breezy Themes

Freshdesk and Freshservice support portals stand out for their versatility, flexibility, and reliability for all parties – customers and team members.

Choosing Breezy Themes will allow you to pick functional and brandable templates that craft user’s experience throughout the knowledge base pages, its sections, and the main website. Every Freshdesk and Freshservice theme provides all standard multilingual functions alongside useful additional features and options.

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