Free Freshdesk themes

Do you know 95% of users leave the site if it doesn’t look trustworthy? Readymade Freshdesk themes are here to help you make a positive impression.


Saving costs is always a good bonus. However, it doesn’t mean you won’t have to pay when you need changes or updates.

No experience with the Freshdesk portal

If you aren’t aware of your user needs or don’t know how to organize a knowledge base, you may get a free Freshdesk theme to win time to analyze customers, competitors, frequent requests, and other aspects before buying a template.

Cons of free Freshdesk themes

Not unique

Hundreds of Freshdesk portals use the same themes as they are easily accessible. This is how brands lose their uniqueness.

Slow speed

No one likes waiting. When page loading takes too long, it spoils the user experience. This is also bad for search engine optimization.

Hard to change

Free themes are often so poorly coded that making changes is difficult. If you want to customize your Freshdesk portal, you’ll spend twice more time. Sometimes even small changes require an excessive number of hours and extra costs.

Rare updates

Free themes aren’t updated regularly. Thus, they are more insecure and vulnerable to hacks. Also, they may look sloppy on some devices or browser versions and may be slow loading.

Paid Freshdesk themes

Easy to use

An advantage of paid Freshdesk themes is simplicity in use, even without deep coding knowledge. High-quality templates offer various layouts, page redesign, and color options. Also, if you require complex changes, your developers won’t have problems with coding.

Reliable support

Unlike the authors of free themes, who usually don’t provide support and may leave you with your questions and issues, the vendors of paid ones are always ready to help.

  Free themes Paid themes
Cost $0 from $489
Freshdesk compatibility
Professional design
Easily maintainable code
Formatting components
Extended functionality
Regular updates
Installation and testing
Support on demand
Additional services
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