Multibrand License

Multi-brand licenses let you create multiple Freshdesk and Freshservice support portals while having the same theme. In other words, you don’t need to buy a template for each brand of yours; it’s enough to make a purchase just once together with buying multi-brand licenses and you can then use the same template for any additional brand or support portal.

When you have separate customer portals for your products or different departments have their own support center within the same organization—regardless which case is yours, it’s enough to buy a theme just once and use it for all. The great advantage of multi-brand licenses is that they let you stay consistent within the brand or make the Freshdesk and Freshservice support portals look different by making some design changes without the need to purchase multiple templates at the full price for each new support center.

As a result, your customers will appreciate the consistency of your support portals in terms of your unique brand style but with different content and design elements.

Save by getting just one theme together with multi-brand licenses for any support portal or additional brand you have and apply it to all your Freshdesk and Freshservice support centers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many support portals are included in one license?
One license covers one support portal. For instance, when you own two support centers, you should buy one theme and one multibrand license for the second resource. Accordingly, if you have three portals, you are to purchase one theme and two licenses.
What should you do upon the purchase?
You should provide us with a full list of URLs to your portals where you want to install the theme.
Is it possible to buy multibrand licenses later?
You can do it at any time when you feel the need for additional support portals.


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