Default template customization

Customizing the default template of your Freshservice or Freshdesk support center may sound like a challenge if you have a lack of time. In this case you might consider hiring professional developers to achieve the best result desired without much effort on your part.

Why customizing the default Freshdesk template at Breezy Themes is advantageous:

  • Extensive customization. We know all the hints and tricks and can easily develop the default theme or customize one of the Freshservice or Freshdesk templates designed by us. You are only limited by Freshdesk functionality, which is not controlled by us.
  • Professional guidelines. Our experts know exactly what makes a quality user-oriented Freshdesk support center and will provide you with helpful recommendations for further improvement.
  • Hidden Freshdesk functions. Owing to the extensive experience of our developers, there’s not a single hidden, secret or invisible function in the Freshdesk support center and its possibilities.
  • Clear code. Every tiny piece of code is checked multiple times in order to ensure its clarity. We also spend a lot of time on testing. As a result, our code can be easily changed, maintained and revised by your developers.
  • Quick response. We are aware of every part of the code, the ins and outs of the Freshdesk support center and will be able to provide you support promptly without taking your valuable time for long analysis.
  • Trustworthy solutions. We provide only reliable services to around 100 Freshdesk support centers we have made. Our web developers are highly experienced and talented in all types of work you might need.

We don't offer our customization service for the Freshservice Catalog as Freshservice doesn't have a customizable template for it. Also, Freshservice often makes changes to default scripts and the Catalog layout. So Catalog customization is unreliable and can affect the functionality.

For more information, please check our Customization service FAQ.

Have a look at our popular Freshdesk and Freshservice customizations.

Expert customization service for your default Freshservice or Freshdesk template is beneficial from all perspectives—saving your time, budget and nerves.

Customization isn't possible if you use the new version of Freshservice (accounts created after November 2020 or migrated to this version).

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it include?
This service allows you to change elements and layout of articles, add more functions, and improve user experience on the whole. The main aim of this offer is to satisfy your needs and fulfill all requirements.
What is the price?
The final price is determined by your requirements for Customization. That’s why it is always calculated separately. If you want to start, please answer questions from our questionnaire. It takes just several minutes but allows us to understand your case and offer the most suitable solutions. Besides, you can contact us via ticket or email:
What Freshdesk plan is required?
Pro or Enterprise.
What should I do after purchasing?

As soon as you pay for the service, our developers contact you to discuss all details. We might as well install the customized theme, but you'll need to provide us with temporary access. These data include login, password, and URL.

How long does Customization take?
It usually depends on your project complexity and the speed of discussing all issues with you. On average, it takes several weeks.
Is it possible to review changes before they are published?
We always prepare a demo version of your support portal so that you can check the changes yourself. Besides, you get an opportunity to preview the installed theme with your content before it is published.


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In the meantime, you may look at the examples of Freshdesk support portals we customized.

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