Absolutely any font

Freshdesk and Freshservice templates progress with the same speed as new technologies allowing you to be constantly up to date.

Choose any font to suit your Freshdesk support center

Different fonts portray the brand’s vibe to your audience, whether it is professional, smart, airy, fun or pretty much anything else that you need to represent with your Freshdesk support center.

No creative limits

You have a choice of using your corporate font for your Freshdesk support center from the official website or any other custom font of yours. Our Freshdesk and Freshservice templates have this possibility in addition to the standard fonts. At the end of the day, it’s you who gets the freedom to choose and ensure your templates look exactly the way you want them to.

Simple Integration

In addition to the options above, you can also use the external fonts provided by such well-known services as Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit. All you need to do is to link or upload your font file and we will integrate all the rest. This way we don’t require any technical background or CSS expertise from you.

Design your Freshdesk support center pages with your favorite font to make your audience’s experience positive!

Furthermore, an iconic font Font Awesome is included with all our Freshdesk and Freshservice templates.

Find out more about Font Awesome

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