Honest Expert Review of Freshdesk Help Center

Posted on 27 Oct 08:00 pm


Freshdesk help center is an online customer service solution providing support with smart automation to get things done faster. It was designed with the intention of improving the communication between customers and companies. Freshdesk support portal was made to close the communication gap between the two parties.

Ticket Management

Freshdesk help center has some fantastic features that will change the way you have been handling tickets. With Freshdesk support portal, you will be able to manage, create, and track your customer tickets from various sources, such as emails, social media, phones, internet and mobile devices. This way your customers can contact you on any medium that is best for them.

Self-Service Customer Support

Many online users prefer to do things themselves making use of the self-service support. Freshdesk help center has a system that enables you to create a helpdesk with so much valuable information for your customers. The answers to frequently asked questions are also available on Freshdesk support portal alongside knowledge base information like user guides, search tools, related articles and community forums.


Analytics reports are very vital, especially to track and profile instant and real-time data. The analytics tracking system also helps monitor the performance of each support agent. It shows how responsive every one of them is in attending to customers. It also proves useful in helping companies track the satisfaction rates after each session with the customer support indirectly increasing efficiency.


Another striking and remarkable feature on Freshdesk help center is the app integration. On Freshdesk support portal, you can install applications like Slack, MailChimp for email campaigns, Salesforce and a whole lot of others. The above-listed applications when integrated into the Freshdesk support perform various functions.

How Much Does Freshdesk Help Center Cost

Freshdesk help center is a cloud-hosted customer service solution available in 4 basic subscription plans:

  • Free for unlimited agents. For getting started with minimal setup.
  • $19 a month, per agent. Perfect for small teams.
  • $35 a month, per agent. Ideal for growing teams.
  • $49 a month, per agent. Best value for large teams.
  • $89 a month, per agent. Made for enterprises.

Freshdesk Branding and Customization

A branded and customized helpdesk represents professionalism and seriousness. It also shows that your brand is unique and professional. Over time, a Freshdesk customized help center, in turn, improves user experience and customer retention.

One of the easiest ways of Freshdesk customization is installing the already designed template from Breezythemes.com

With Breezy Themes, Freshdesk branding and customization are a lot more comfortable and will make your help center superb.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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