Time to Migrate from Desk.com to Freshdesk Support Portal

Posted on 31 Jul 06:00 pm

Migrate from Desk com to Freshdesk support portal


Desk.com Is Closing Down

It’s very sad that Desk.com is closing down in 2020. It means that all companies using this software will have no choice but to change it. Whenever the software will be no longer in service and supported, you may encounter the following issues:

  • There won’t be any updates any longer or any new features. The support team is spending much less time fixing bugs.
  • Customer service will provide limited support and will not be very responsive, unlike before when they did their best to help your business migrate.
  • Data limitations may also apply. It’s not been defined yet for how long after March 2020 the access to your data in Desk.com will be provided.
  • Your feedback will not reach Desk.com and will be redirected to Salesforce.
  • Outdated APIs may cause delays in the migration of data from Desk.com.

Advantages of Moving from Desk.com in the Early Stages

Transitioning in the early stages gives you more time to cope with any kinds of issues that may occur during this process. In the beginning, you need to plan enough time for software transition in order to transfer data from Desk.com accurately. You also need to ensure that your existing processes are fine-tuned in compliance with the new support portal software.

What to Consider When Choosing a Desk.com Alternative

If you consider a Freshdesk support portal as your possible option, you’ll be on the safe side, considering that all their experts are qualified to organize migration from Desk.com smoothly, faultlessly and easily. Yet, there are many things to take into consideration when transferring from one support portal software to another.

Integration with Salesforce

Your tech team needs to integrate Salesforce with the new support portal software.

Charges and Surcharges

If you decide to switch from Desk.com to Freshdesk support portal in 2018, you can enjoy it for free for the rest of year.

Think of the price you will pay for switching from Desk.com to a new support portal and try to find any hidden surcharges and fine print too. You probably want to avoid using a service that doesn’t have transparent pricing.

Also, if you decide to switch to Freshdesk support portal in 2018, you can enjoy it for free for the rest of year. Furthermore, you can choose a Freshdesk plan that is totally equivalent to the one you have on Desk.com. If you feel uncertain about which plan to choose, please contact Freshdesk directly and their experts will find the best option for your business.

Data Transfer from Desk.com to Freshdesk support portal

Easiness and simplicity of data migration to a new support portal should be one of your main priorities while searching for an alternative option. For instance, in order to transfer data from Desk.com to Freshdesk support portal, you can use Import2.

If you have any questions related to a particular business type or support process, please contact Freshdesk at support@freshdesk.com.

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