How to Manage Freshdesk Support Tickets Effectively

Posted on 17 Nov 12:00 pm


If your customers have to wait for the response to their tickets submitted on your Freshdesk support portal, they will eventually  get annoyed and go to your competitors. To solve this problem you should consider an effective way of managing ticket processes.

Main issues with managing Freshdesk tickets

Main problems with ticket management on Freshdesk support portal are connected with volume and complexity. Support teams receive more tickets than they can manage within a reasonable period of time or they have to solve time-consuming complex issues. To make things worse, support staff start bouncing customers from one agent to another in order to solve their problems.

Recommendations for managing Freshdesk tickets effectively

You can combat many common problems for Freshdesk support portal by following these simple recommendations:


Give your end users and staff an opportunity to choose ticket priority. This helps your support team handle urgent requests in the first place instead of operating on a first-come first-served basis.   

Add multiple email addresses

Multiple email addresses on Freshdesk support portal allow you to automatically forward requests to responsible departments and save time.

Set Freshdesk times

Time requirement should be set for a short period, but ticket closure should be longer. When support agents are rushed to close tickets, they may not enter all required information. If support tickets are left open after the first contact with the customer, your support team follows up effectively to ensure long-term resolution.

Build processes for routing tickets by type and language

Consistent processes ensure agents are well aware of how to manage each ticket. They also allow management to track all tickets so that all requests are handled appropriately.

Empower your agents

Empower your support team to fully assist customers instead of bouncing them from one department to another. When the first agent who views a ticket can give an answer or even solve the problem, customers are more likely to be satisfied.

Benefits of a robust ticket process on Freshdesk support portal

  • Reduce headaches for your support staff
  • Foster customer trust in your website and business
  • Increase the number of satisfied customers which in turn leads to customer loyalty

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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