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Proper Look and Feel of Your Freshdesk Support Portal

Posted on 25 Sep 2018



Foremost, the purpose of a proper look and feel is to leave the right first impression of your Freshdesk support portal on users. Establishing the right opinion about your business will be a strong selling point your buyers can key into against others.

For instance, if your business relates to the finance industry, you need to show it as professional and smart. However, if you have an entertainment company, you need to present your creative potential to the fullest, starting from your business card, promo materials, main website and support portal.

It’s important to note that the quality of all visual elements that constitute your presence on the internet represents your level of service from the customer’s perspective.

Generally speaking, all look and feel elements co-create an atmosphere, which can either portray trustworthiness or not. Your support portal is also a part of your visual presence.

The following elements of support portal design constitute the look:

  • General style and design needs to dictate the same appearance of your brand on the support portal
  • Relevant icons and images
  • Font choice
  • Layout and structure: intuitive and smart navigation which is ready to assist users at any moment of time; an informative footer which should be identical to the one on your main website; space that influences readability; search bars that are easy to access

The feel of your Freshdesk support portal can be achieved with the following elements:

  • Time of page loading
  • Sound of effects and notifications
  • Speed, response and movement of special effects and dynamic elements (e.g. buttons, dropdown menus,  etc.)

Why Freshdesk branding and customization are so important?

If we take a typical support portal which uses exactly the same Freshdesk templates like millions of others, the unique offer of your business will probably be faded in the eyes of customers. At the same time, if you have a unique and individual design along with other elements, you can consider Freshdesk customization to stand out. Another crucial part of creating the right look and feel is consistency.

A perfect Freshdesk support portal design portrays a standard vibe of your business industry and also expresses a specific knowledge about the customers. Ideal situation is when a user opens your pages, understands everything about your level subconsciously and starts trusting even before reading a single line or business case of yours.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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