Impress your users by customizing the theme on your Freshdesk support portal

Posted on 23 May 02:00 pm



The key advantage of changing the default Freshdesk or Freshservice theme is the ability to customize it in accordance with your customers’ demands, business niche and corporate style.

Usually, there are two alternatives if you decide to change the theme of your Freshdesk support portal.

1. Small visual adjustments

  • Make changes related to the fonts, icons, colors, layout and more via the code of Freshdesk or Freshservice themes. Considering that overall design effectiveness is all about the details of seemingly unimportant elements, they affect the users’ behavior, overall experience and impression by the end of the day.
  • Some adjustments, such as the logo, support portal name, favicons, language and main hero image, can be customized without changing the code of your Freshdesk or Freshservice theme.
  • Videos increase the interaction level of the users, answer the most common questions and convey the main message in a compelling manner.
  • Change the order of your sections by type or add a list of categories or a categories tree in order to improve the overall structure of the Freshdesk support portal by putting the least popular categories towards the back and most popular ones at the front.

2. Entire, all-inclusive customization of your Freshdesk support portal in accordance with corporate style and marketing objectives

Complete customization of the theme on your Freshservice or Freshdesk support portal relates to the layout, background images, and font changes to be on the same vibe with the corporate style and main website. It’s also important to make every section of the support portal consistent.

One of the best advantages of customizing the Freshservice and Freshdesk themes is the distinctiveness that comes along and makes your support portal stand out among hundreds of other similar websites.  Despite having a rich functionality of standard options, there are certain limits and you cannot have everything you may possibly require. Yet, you can have everything you want with the help of designers and developers.

One last note

If you are planning to implement all changes with the help of your team, make sure they have extensive knowledge of the inner Freshdesk structure as well as the special technical features and details related to the design adaptation. Otherwise, contrary to how it looks at first sight, this task will be very difficult to implement.

Alternatively, if you don’t want your staff to break their heads off, you may consider the option of customizing and branding your Freshservice or Freshdesk support portal with the help of the certified experts from Breezy Themes, an authorized Freshworks solution partner.

With our extensive experience in design and development of numerous Freshdesk support portals, it’s hard to imagine what requests we could not implement.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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