Polishing up Your Freshdesk Support Portal Theme

Posted on 5 Apr 08:50 pm



A Freshdesk support portal could very well be compared to a reception, emergency center and customer service rolled into one as it deals with people who have questions, doubts and issues. The importance of these functions should not be underestimated, and therefore every single detail of your Freshdesk support center should be perfect. A professional impression can be accomplished by great design and a user-friendly interface and trust is exactly what you need to build in the minds of your customers.

Considering that every business is different and yet needs a specific layout and design to portray its values and philosophy, every Freshdesk support portal is absolutely special.

Brand & Customize Your Freshdesk Support Portal

Brands do sell and those who know this are successful. Brands attract new customers, and therefore it’s crucial to retain your brand’s consistency and presence at all points of customer interaction.

Corporate colors and fonts along with layout, logo, footer and header should be recognizable by the audience on all the pages, notifications and messages on your Freshdesk support portal.  Find out more about how Freshdesk branding and customization can be useful to your business.

Fit to your corporate style with these tools

Some simple tools can be useful in helping your clients enjoy every single element of your Freshdesk support center and by no means miss something essential.

Your individual preferences along with the corporate design can be retained with the help of a big range of styles, colors and layouts.

For example, some special components of Freshdesk support portal themes include accordions and tabs, which are great when you want to switch between showing and hiding certain parts of the content in articles.

Use bright icons

It’s a common belief that positive emotions color customers’ experience and make communication a lot brighter. A great range of different icons can do the same and turn any dissatisfied or doubting customers into happy ones.

Explore extra features

If your customers’ attention needs to be drawn to some important temporary notifications or urgent announcements, callout blocks are there for this very purpose! This way, no important message or warning will be missed.

A full list of extra Freshdesk features and customization possibilities can be found on the Breezy Themes website.


Having in mind a mission to provide 100% customer-oriented service, Freshdesk support portal themes are eager to address any needs and wishes that your business might have. So, it’s worth exploring the full picture to find out how Freshdesk support portal themes can really contribute to your success.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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