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Developing a Quality Freshdesk Support Center to Boost the Self-Service ROI

Posted on 3 Jun 05:54 pm



When support tickets are uncountable and hard to cope with, it’s time to pay attention to the Freshdesk support center. This single tool can considerably offload staff, reduce costs, and provide high-quality self-service experience for your clients. 

According to Accenture, a well-developed support portal can easily save up from 1 to 3 mln dollars. This brings us to the conclusion that it’s one of the most effective ways to maximize your return on investment (ROI) without compromising on quality.


A well-developed support portal can easily save up from 1 to 3 mln dollars.


A great example of real savings was posted in Harvard Business Review. An average cost of an interaction with a human is about $7+ for a B2C company and $13+ for B2B. In contrast, the price of self-service interaction is equal to a few pennies. 

The first thing you should understand before getting too excited about adding a knowledge base to your business is that you need to contribute the resources. Unfortunately, over 50% of users claim that most support centers are complicated, which causes low return on investment. Can you guess what happens after? The management of the company underestimates the effectiveness of the customer portal, doesn’t work on its improvement, and, as a result, doesn’t use it as a money savior. 

In fact, in order to design a great Freshdesk support center on your own, you'll need to spend a considerable amount of time and effort on research, coding, and testing. However, all these efforts will result in an effective interaction that can be better than a real agent. 


To design a great Freshdesk support center on your own, you'll need to spend a considerable amount of time and effort on research, coding, and testing. 


Check out the steps below to help you develop a genuinely efficient Freshdesk support portal that will work for your advantage.

How to design a cool Freshdesk support center

  • Prepare the most relevant content

Placing extensive answers to the most frequently asked questions is the very first thing to do. The second stage is monitoring new repeated requests, and composing articles clarifying these topics regularly. 

  • Increase usability level

Even if you have the most informative content, there’s no use of it, if it’s hard to find. So, the best way to handle this is by organizing your content in intuitively logical sections and categories and format articles with tabs, callout blocks, Font Awesome icons as well as with a range of other components provided by Breezy Themes for Freshdesk. 

Another hint is adding side navigation for the entire support center.

  • Keep your support center visible for users

Another crucial for the success aspect is the accessibility of the Freshdesk support center. If you don’t promote and place the links to the customer portal on your main website throughout the pages, in the footer, header, and menu, no one will ever know that exists. 

  • Adapt your support portal to all devices

Since the world is migrating to mobile devices, so should you do with your business by treating them very seriously. That means you should be aware of technologies, features of different layouts and improve user experience as much as you can. Your goal is minimizing waiting times, making navigation super easy, adopting images and videos to different screens, and considering other technical peculiarities. 

According to WARC, 73% of people will access the Internet from their smartphones by 2025. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for it today!


73% of people will access the Internet from their smartphones by 2025. 


  • Keep to your corporate style

The last thing you want to do is make your users confused about the way your support center looks like. It should have the same vibe, visual branding elements, and style, such as header, footer, fonts, logos, colors, icons, and so on. 


Ready for a big change to come? 

Take Freshdesk support center development seriously. Choose a trendy theme that adheres to the latest UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) requirements and boost your self-service ROI. 


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