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This smart extension can demonstrate categories, folders, and articles on the inner pages of your Freshdesk support portal in a stylish and fancy manner.

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Some support centers have a necessity to present all folders, articles, and categories. Side navigation is made with this idea in mind and looks perfect on full-screen and portable gadgets. As a result, this extension simplifies the tasks that you put in front of the Freshdesk support portals.

However, the best part about side navigation is that it automatically creates a list of collapsible elements from all folders, categories, and articles. Furthermore, the extension adapts immediately to the new content added and to the changes made in the existing articles and folders.

By default, we add the Side navigation to the article page. As part of additional customization, the navigation can show different information on different pages. For example, it can show the full structure on an article page and categories list on a category page.

At the same time, side navigation works perfectly with a Freshdesk multilingual feature, too, and shows the already translated content in accordance with the user’s language.

Note: because of Freshdesk limitations, the extension displays only the first-level folders if you have a sub-folder structure on the Enterprise plan.

Key features

  • a different view on different pages depending on the relevance
  • Retina-ready and responsive
  • multilingual opportunities
  • coding is not needed
  • installation free of charge
  • additional Freshdesk customization service
  • Estate and Forest plans
  • applicable for all Freshdesk themes, but if you don't use our template, extra costs are involved
  • this extension doesn't work with Freshservice themes


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can it demonstrate diverse content on different pages?
    Of course! You can choose varied content for different page types: categories, folders, solution articles, and homepage. By default, we add this extension to the article, but we can also add it to other pages as part of customization.
    Does Side Navigation support the multilingual feature?
    Yes, Side Navigation supports the Freshdesk multilingual feature. It translates content into the language the user has selected.
    Does the navigation support subsections?
    Will users see articles they don’t have access to?
    No. Users can read only those articles they have access to because Side Navigation considers visibility settings.
    Is the Side Navigation compatible with other Freshdesk themes?
    Side Navigation is compatible with all themes. Nevertheless, if you don't use one of our Freshdesk themes, you will need to pay extra as it takes time to analyze your code and install the extension. For instance, we may need to change or transfer some blocks in the code. Our theme layouts already take into consideration all the extension features and simplify the process on the whole.
    Is the Side Navigation compatible with Freshservice themes?
    No. The Side Navigation is not compatible with Freshservice themes.
    Is coding necessary?
    Unfortunately, Freshdesk doesn't allow making changes without code. However, if you don't want to do it yourself, you can contact us.
    What should I do after purchasing?
    As soon as you make the payment, our developers contact you to get temporary access to your support portal. These data include login, password, and URL.

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