The Best Freshdesk Social Support Apps

Posted on 7 Dec 09:00 pm


Today, you can hardly imagine online support without social media. In fact, customers have become more and more demanding when it comes to immediate or almost immediate response via social media platforms. Furthermore, social media can play on your side or against you. It can be a place of praising your business or complaining about it. If you don’t want your customers to use your pages like a complaints board, try to make sure that they have an excellent experience by creating a reputation and a brand image for being helpful, responsive and engaging.

Featured Social Support Apps for Freshdesk Support Center

A great range of social media apps can be easily incorporated into your website and support functions of Freshdesk help center. Some featured apps are selected below.

  1. The Frrole app can analyze behavioral characteristics, personality and interests based on a customer’s activity on social media pages. This will help you understand each customer a lot better. The Frrole app can even predict the most suitable and effective communication style for each customer. It can also provide information about a customer’s demographics, spoken languages, favorite or hated competitor brands and products and more.
  2. Trustpilot allows Freshdesk tickets to be created from reviews of products or services in accordance with the user’s ratings. Also, any reply from a reviewer appears as a reply from Freshdesk support center, whereas any reply from Freshdesk appears as a reply in Trustpilot.
  3. The YouTube app can combine and bring together all comments under a certain video or channel and generate a Freshdesk ticket out of it. Also, any reply to a comment from Freshdesk support center will be displayed as a comment in YouTube.
  4. Playstore, similarly to the YouTube app, can help you to collect all reviews of a certain app and create a Freshdesk ticket out of it. By replying to the review from Freshdesk help center, you will place a reply to the review in the Playstore app.
  5. The WeChat app can translate conversations on WeChat into Freshdesk tickets. Staff can reply to the WeChat field directly from Freshdesk support center.

Before you begin

Don’t hurry to incorporate all social support apps into your Freshdesk support center before you know exactly where your customers are coming from. In other words, it’s important to knot the mainstream channels because adding as many as possible is not a wise thing to do and will only create confusion and needless hassle. Many of the social apps allow the monitoring of several channels. Yet, it’s still worth prioritizing them.

And last but not least, develop a plan and define what kinds of social comments and posts are worth the attention of customer support. Understandably, it’s impossible to reply to each and every one. Hence, the better you define the process the easier it’s going to be for your team to make customers happy on social media.

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