Freshdesk Help Center Is the Perfect Support Service for Your Business

Posted on 16 Oct 11:59 am


One factor that helps the business grow fast is quality customer service. Freshdesk help center for years has been helping over 100,000 businesses offer the best help desk and support services to their customers. Freshdesk gives you a professional platform where you can attend to as many customers /clients as possible. Communication is the key factor in business this is why Freshdesk has excellent support staff that will guide you through setting up reliable support services.

1. Self-Service Customer Web Portal

Self-service is an option most customers prefer, rather than contacting the company directly, a self-service is preferable. Statistics from the Fast Company shows that out of 100 customers, 70% prefers the self-service. Freshdesk offers your business this opportunity to provide your customers with already answered questions similar to the one they seek. The Freshdesk support portal is customizable, so it allows your customers to have an excellent customer experience.

The Freshdesk self-service customer portal is a very great tool for top notch customer service.

2. Social-Media Tools

    Aside from the great customer self-service feature, Freshdesk also provides social media monitoring functions. Integrating social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter aids a more prompt response to messages/requests by customers. The rate of response determines the conversion rate. If you respond faster to messages, you are bound to sell more because no one likes a delay. For this reason the Freshdesk help center was created to bridge the communication gap between customers and business representative.

    Freshdesk also comes with tracking tools to monitor the ticket open rate among customers.

    3. Communications Channels Integration

    The feeling of having your emails, all social media handles (Twitter and Facebook), chats and calls in one place is simply awesome. The Freshdesk support portal gives you that luxury to the history of conversations and complaints from a particular customer. In other ways, it keeps records of your previous conversations and makes it available when needed. It is possible to personalize support on Freshdesk, this way you retain your current customers.

    Freshdesk customer support system boasts of many communication channels. To enjoy it to the fullest, you can install Freshdesk knowledge base themes for customer support and then customize to your own taste. Most customers don’t fancy contacting online representatives directly rather they prefer self-service. For this reason, make sure possible questions that customers will need about your company are all answered. This way your customers will find it easier to get an answer without delay.

    Freshdesk help center has all it takes to make your clients keep coming back for more because of great customer service.

    It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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