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Premium Freshdesk Templates

Posted on 5 Apr 2017

Team up with us and breath fresh life into your Freshdesk with outstanding templates from Breezy Themes.

Transform your standard Freshdesk Customer Portal into an outstanding, responsive extension of your brand with our ready to use templates. No matter how much content you have and how you desire to use it, we help you make it better, faster, more responsive and easier to use than ever before!

Enjoy personalized insights and recommendations for your Self Service Portal with Freshdesk templates that make the job simple for you. We give you expert advice and simple, workable solutions to completely transform your Help Center.

Free Installation

Just choose a Freshdesk Portal template from our collection and leave the installation completely in our hands. We get the job done for you absolutely free of charge, and also check the installation to ensure that your Customer Portal is working well with your new template.

Full Support

We don't believe in just providing templates for your Self Service Center - we give you full support from the point of installation, until your Portal with any customizations is working perfectly. We'll also assist you at any time along the way if you have any queries or need help.

Premium Templates

With our premium templates, you get a host of features including easy to use components to extend your theme's functionality, as well as styles and layouts according to  your need.

Responsive Design

All our templates are retina-ready and responsive, and are designed to be used comfortably across all devices, be it a small smartphone or a large desktop. Your Support Center's responsiveness counts in the eyes of your customers and that of search engines.

Attractive Design

Our Freshdesk customer portal templates make your knowledge base look outstanding with over 580 Font Awesome icons included in each template.

Customization And Branding

If you'd like your Freshdesk Help Center to reflect your corporate brand, we will brand or customize your template so that it looks like an extension of your main website and fully supports your brand.

Cross Browser Compatibility

Each of our templates is compatible across all major browsers - Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE9+ and Safari, and have been thoroughly tested out for perfect rendering.

Multilingual Support

Our templates let you use the multilingual power of Freshdesk to the full. Publish your knowledge base in any of over 40 languages and give your users a great customer support experience.

About Breezy Themes For Freshdesk

All our templates are built on Freshdesk, and designed especially for you.

We are renowned for our excellent support services that keep our customers happy with our services. Since we love what we do, we give you superior services with zero risks, and are at your side at all times to make your journey with us problem free. Just compare us with others and find our how our templates and our services stand out from among our competitors.

Choose a Freshdesk template from Breezy Themes and let us journey with you to get the ideal Help Center without delay!

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

View all themes

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