How Freshdesk Can Make Your Customer Support Exceptional

Posted on 28 Feb 11:00 pm



More than 150,000 companies of different sizes trust Freshdesk. It is one of the market leaders that provides excellent helpdesk and support services. Freshdesk offers many channels and different premium features that help you provide better customer experience. It also has an excellent support team who provides you with quick and easy guidance.

Self-Service Support Portal

According to the statistics, most customers expect self-service that lets them find help on their own without having to contact a human agent. Freshdesk follows this trend and offers a self-service support center.  Your customers can read articles that cover common problems and look for required information through the search tool. You can brand and customize your Freshdesk support to meet your style guidelines and meet all your customer needs. You can make your customer portal unique either on your own (HTML and CSS required) or order Freshdesk branding and customization services from their authorized partner.

Social Media

Customers expect a quick response, no matter how they contacted you. The same applies to questions submitted on social media. Freshdesk integrates social media and allows you to monitor conversations, engage with clients and solve problems quickly and in the most convenient medium for the customer, without having to leave your helpdesk. Even if your customers don't submit a ticket, you can track responses you get on social media in your ticketing system.

Various Communication Channels

Freshdesk also integrates with other communication channels: emails, chats, and phone calls. If your client has contacted your support team a few times, your agents will see the history and take appropriate action. This information makes it easier for your agents to provide fast and personalized support that will help retain customers.


Freshdesk offers you various features and channels that are integrated into one easy-to-use cloud-based platform. It provides your customers with the tools they need to resolve their issues without contacting human agents. To make sure that your Freshdesk support center is ready to offer the best customer experience, it’s important to brand and customize it.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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