How Freshdesk Branding Impacts the Customer Experience

Posted on 29 Jun 01:00 am



Freshdesk branding does not only demonstrate the highest level of service from A to Z in terms of a visual perspective but also plays an important role in user experience. Try treating the customer portal as your clients’ SOS button, considering that people go there when they need help or have a question. These moments can be characterized by a high level of confusion or even stress; therefore, it’s particularly important to smoothen experience of your customers and make it as great as possible.

If your customer portal is easy to use, then you can save precious time of your visitors and grant them a pleasant experience.

What Freshdesk branding includes

The Freshdesk theme serves a foundation for your branding that transforms your customer portal into a corporate resource, which is recognizable from the first sight.

Thanks to Freshdesk branding, main elements of your customer portal will be transformed into corporate colors, fonts and icons will also be in accordance with the brand style, whereas the logo will be placed at the top of the page. Favicon and hero image will also be branded. These minor changes for you can make a huge difference for your audience.

Cons of unbranded Freshdesk customer portals

Statistics show that many people research companies before purchasing something. There is a big chance to get to your Freshdesk customer portal through web searches before getting to your official website since it contains a lot of information about your products and services. Consequently, the first pages of interaction with new potential clientele may very well be the pages of your unbranded customer portal, which can make a negative impression on them.

Using a free template implies certain risks. Customers may have seen it numerous times before and they may have doubts about an official relation of this portal to your brand. It’s also possible that your audience may distrust the information listed on the portal or think it’s outdated. As a result, if people decide to avoid self-service possibilities, your staff may have more incoming calls and tickets.

Some of your competitors may also be using free templates, and this gives you a great chance to do something different from them and show your professionalism in every detail.

Pros of a branded Freshdesk customer portal

Consistency in brand colors and style across your Internet resources influences customer trust, loyalty, and satisfaction. Since Freshdesk customer portal is one of your official support channels, which lessens the workload of your staff, it should be treated in the same manner as your corporate website.

According to the research, the majority of clients choose self-service when it comes to minor issues. Hence, a significant number of people will use your portal, and if you have it branded, then you ensure their pleasant experience.

Furthermore, Freshdesk branding is just about visual changes which do not interfere with the layout of your customer portal.

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