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Freshdesk Pricing

Posted on 28 Feb 2020



Freshdesk is a useful tool for your business if you want to make your customer service and experience better. To help you understand the differences between pricing plans and choose the one that fits your needs best, we have prepared a short overview of the plans and prices. The plans suit different business sizes and needs to offer the best choice of features for everyone.

Freshdesk has five pricing plans which can be billed monthly and annually:

  1. Sprout (free) 
  2. Blossom ($15 if paid annually and $19 if paid monthly)
  3. Garden ($29 and $35)
  4. Estate ($49 and $65)
  5. Forest ($109 and $125)


Sprout is the best choice for beginners to get started with Freshdesk because it's free and provides all the essential features. 

Sprout plan allows you to turn email queries and social media messages into tickets. You can automatically assign new requests to agents using keywords and ticket properties, cooperate with teammates to resolve customer issues, and analyze tickets. Sprout also offers self-service for your customers through the Freshdesk knowledge base.

To get advanced features for your customer support, you should consider paid plans.


$15 per agent per month if billed annually.

$19 per agent per month if billed monthly.

Blossom is best for small teams.

This plan includes all features from the Sprout plan. It also lets you automatically perform actions with tickets based on triggers, avoid duplicating agents' efforts, and get an in-depth report of your Freshdesk metrics. You can access many apps, manage SLAs, and set business hours. 


$29 per agent per month if billed annually.

$35 per agent per month if billed monthly.

The Garden plan is ideal for growing teams that want more flexibility and control over their Freshdesk. 

Apart from Blossom features, it offers advanced analytics like time tracking and performance reports. They let you analyze the time that your team spends on customer service and give insights into your agents' metrics. Additionally, with Garden, you can send CSAT surveys and view recordings of sessions to find out where users have problems. This plan also allows you to support your customers in multiple languages with a multilingual knowledge base. 


$49 per agent per month if billed annually.

$65 per agent per month if billed monthly.

The Estate plan is perfect for large businesses.

Estate includes everything from Garden and provides many features useful for large teams. Among them, there is an automated ticket assignment and more robust reporting. Moreover, you can select actions, and make custom agent roles, configure multiple SLA policies and time zones. Estate also lets you customize your Freshdesk support center regarding its look and functions. 


$109 per agent per month if billed annually.

$125 per agent per month if billed monthly.

The Forest plan is created for enterprises because it provides maximum flexibility and control. 

Forest includes all features of the other plans and allows you to match tickets to the most experienced teammate with the given issue. It lets you use a secure environment to test settings and features using Sandbox. You can also manage IP addresses that can log in to your Freshdesk support center. Additionally, you get HIPAA compliance and extendable API rate limit.


Freshdesk helps all types of businesses meet their customer needs. You just need to identify your goals and choose the most appropriate plan for your team.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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