Metrics of the Freshdesk Help Center Everybody MUST Know

Posted on 28 Feb 01:00 pm


Whereas the Freshdesk help center system perceives customers and their tickets as plain numbers for analysis, the success of any business can be measured by happy customers and their satisfaction, which, in return can be “produced” by support agents who will really listen to the users, make them feel valued, and treat them with friendliness, respect and dignity while resolving their issues.

Therefore, if you decide to focus mainly on numbers, they will not give you enough information for seeing and analyzing the real picture. Yet, there are important numbers to consider in order to improve customer support experience and the efficiency of your support team. It’s highly recommended that you watch out for the following 4 most important Freshdesk help center metrics:

Number of Tickets

The very first basic element of the Freshdesk help center is tickets. A large number of tickets is not necessarily a bad thing, since it means that your product or service is in demand and many people are using it. As a result, they create tickets to resolve their doubts and issues on the support portal. However, this is a good sign in the beginning of your business and the volume of the tickets should gradually decrease as a result of your product improving.

Therefore, generally speaking, the rule “Less Is More” can very well be applied to your business as well. If something needs your attention, you will experience a ticket volume rise. This is a wonderful indicator that something needs to be fixed regardless of how deep the problem lies. Sometimes a minor issue, related to auto-replies for example, can lead to a greater one in the long run.

Also, your long-term goal should be reducing this metric as much as possible.

Response & Resolution Time Metrics

How would you feel if you got what you asked for even if you hadn’t completed your question? Probably surprised, right?

Very unfortunately, it’s impossible in customer support and the only thing that should be focused on is at least fast attention or response to the ticket, not to mention resolution. 

First Response Time can show you how well you are exceeding customers’ expectations by providing information about average time needed for your support team to provide the first ticket response.

Mean Resolution Time is there to help you understand how long it takes to resolve the problem completely from the moment it was created in the Freshdesk help center. Certainly, there are and always will be complex issues that require longer time than usual, yet your staff can be trained to work within certain deadlines, especially when it comes to the most common issues.

The Best Communication Channel

Most probably, you have set multiple channels of communication for your customers.  Freshdesk help center system allows the use of emails, phone calls, chat and social media. Analysis of the channel distribution metric will show which channel is most preferred by your customers and which one is used the least.

Strive for Customer Satisfaction

Even if your Mean Resolution Time shows great results, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your customers are happy and feel good about your product or service. Yet, this is what real customer satisfaction is based on and, if you want to find out the truth about it, you have no other way than to ask them directly for feedback.

This can be done through an email form after the resolution of a customer’s ticket. Just go ahead and ask them directly to what degree they are satisfied with your customer support agents.

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