Disclosing Secrets: What Makes Your Freshdesk Support Portal Look Professional

Posted on 31 Oct 04:14 pm



Freshdesk support portal should look professional and in alignment with your brand across all pages. It allows you to form a foundation for the right impression of your brand on new customers and retain the loyalty of the regular ones.

Below are some simple ways of making your help center look smarter.

Fine-tuning user experience

You are free to choose the right structure, template, layout, and page elements that suit your content and your users’ behavior. Some prefer using your Freshdesk support portal on mobile devices and value visual, interactive elements the most, while others might prefer structure, tables, and text with bullet points. Customization options for Freshdesk will help enhance the customer experience of different types of audiences.

Branding your Freshdesk pages

The very last thing you wish for your customers is to make them think that they are dealing with a third-party support company while they are searching through your support portal. Freshdesk branding services guarantee the right impression and improve the user experience on every single page of your help center. Furthermore, brand-related headers and footers increase the level of trust and also eliminate the doubts about your relation to online frauds.

Modifying colors, layouts, and fonts in accordance with your corporate style is easy with Freshdesk templates.

Making a Responsive Design

Since we cannot imagine Internet users without mobile devices, mobile-friendly sites are an absolute must for all types of businesses. Compatibility with Retina displays that are so popular nowadays is another critical thing to consider. Breezy Themes takes care of all Freshdesk templates and makes them responsive. Otherwise, if some essential functionality does not perform on specific devices, you may lose considerably in the customer’s eyes.

Focusing on the Right Content

Make every effort to create quality content that addresses the questions and demands of your audience. Also, it’s essential not to overlook correct grammar, spelling, and professional formatting of your Freshdesk support portal.


Owing to a profound understanding of Freshdesk architecture, Breezy Themes develops professional-looking, catchy, and branded templates that adhere to your business objectives. Contact us to learn how we can be of help.

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