Polishing up Your Freshdesk Support Portal Theme

Posted on 5 Apr 08:50 pm

A Freshdesk support portal could very well be compared to a reception, emergency center and customer service rolled into one as it deals with people who have questions, doubts and issues. The importance of these functions should not be underestimated, and therefore every single detail of your Freshdesk support center should be perfect. A professional impression can be accomplished by great design and a user-friendly interface and trust is exactly what you need to build in the minds of your customers.


How to motivate your employees for true customer care

Posted on 30 Mar 08:00 pm

The customer service process may look like fun, considering that the employees stay positive. Yet, this positive attitude is just a professional mask, which hides the real struggle when staff members deal with verbal abuse or the need to answer the same questions again and again or the necessity to calm down the customers.


Metrics of the Freshdesk Help Center Everybody MUST Know

Posted on 28 Feb 01:00 pm

Whereas the Freshdesk help center system perceives customers and their tickets as plain numbers for analysis, the success of any business can be measured by happy customers and their satisfaction, which, in return can be “produced” by support agents who will really listen to the users, make them feel valued, and treat them with friendliness, respect and dignity while resolving their issues.


View Your Freshdesk Support Portal as a Lead-Generating Channel

Posted on 30 Jan 11:14 pm

Lead generation requires certain know-hows which include composing striking email headlines that will draw the attention of your subscribers and also, an irresistible sales copy. There should be compelling words in your writings that portray what your intending leads need. However, these channels don’t facilitate a two-way communication. The questions of your customer might be side-lined.


Tips on How to Build a Successful Community on Freshdesk Support Portal

Posted on 29 Dec 07:00 pm

Feedback is very important, especially when it comes from your existing and potential customers. As a website owner or a forum administrator, you need to have a community support forum where the general public and target market can raise issues and questions that concern them.


Writing an Impeccable Knowledge Base Article for Freshdesk Support Center

Posted on 27 Dec 02:00 pm

Even such giants as Google have recognized the effectiveness and power of a good knowledge base when it comes to helping their users. Your business is not an exception and can also win from using it. Yet, the articles of the Freshdesk knowledge base are the heart and soul of this tool and its success fully depends on them.


How to Track & Analyze Helpdesk Metrics Effectively

Posted on 14 Dec 07:36 pm

Once you have an effective, multifunctional tool, like your Freshdesk help center, it would be wise to use it to the fullest potential and squeeze out all the benefits! Then it will turn from a helpful tool to a truly powerful tool! Data analysis will help you improve your services, quality of service and business strategy.


The Best Freshdesk Social Support Apps

Posted on 7 Dec 09:00 pm

Today, customers have become more and more demanding when it comes to immediate or almost immediate response via social media platforms. It can be a place of praising your business or complaining about it. If you don’t want your customers to use your pages like a complaints board, try to make sure that they have an excellent experience by creating a reputation and a brand image for being helpful, responsive and engaging.


Why a Mobile-Friendly Freshdesk Support Center Theme is Important

Posted on 30 Nov 06:08 pm

In 2017, mobile devices have exceeded fixed-devices buy numbers of access to the internet. The growing trend is still continuing. Therefore, the importance of being present online with a quality mobile version of your website has become even more crucial than ever. And of course, this trend is also applicable to your Freshdesk support center pages.


How Can Freshdesk Support Center Agents Boost Their Skills

Posted on 25 Nov 10:00 pm

Although Freshdesk support center creates great opportunities to help customers solve their issues in a quick and convenient manner, its knowledge base can’t do everything. Complex issues still go to your agents who should have excellent service skills. Whereas online support skills are similar to those found in a call center, they still have special requirements.