FAQ vs. Freshdesk and Freshservice Knowledge Bases

Posted on 29 Jan 07:41 pm

Knowledge bases and FAQ are the first aid for customers and users of your website as soon as they have a doubt, question or an issue. Let’s compare the latter with Freshdesk and Freshservice knowledge base.


How to Rock the 2018 Holiday Season with Your Customer Support Team

Posted on 16 Nov 09:00 pm

The holiday season has a lot to offer – from one side, hundreds of new customers, orders and revenue, while from another point of view, it may cause a lot of mess, problems and stress if the support team isn’t ready. What can you do to improve your customer support during the 2018 holiday season?


Proper Look and Feel of Your Freshdesk Support Portal

Posted on 25 Sep 04:00 pm

The purpose of a proper look and feel is to leave the right impression of your Freshdesk support portal on users. Establishing the right opinion about your business will be a strong selling point your buyers can key into against others.


Customize Your Freshdesk to Enhance the Customer Experience

Posted on 9 Aug 06:00 pm

What to pay attention to when you customize your Freshdesk support portal? Let’s review the list of areas that are overlooked most of all.


Time to Migrate from to Freshdesk Support Portal

Posted on 31 Jul 06:00 pm is closing down in 2020 which means companies using this software will have no choice but to change it. Whenever the software will be no longer in service and supported, you may encounter the following issues.


Breezy Themes is an Authorized Solution Partner of Freshworks

Posted on 21 Jun 04:19 pm

Breezy Themes that specializes in Freshservice and Freshdesk themes, branding and customization has become an authorized Freshworks Solution Partner. The main positive aspect of this partnership can be considered as improvement of quality engagement for the end users. Businesses will now be able to bring a unified and standardized customer experience across multiple platforms.


Impress your users by customizing the theme on your Freshdesk support portal

Posted on 23 May 02:00 pm

The key advantage of changing the default Freshdesk or Freshservice theme is the ability to customize it in accordance with your customers’ demands, business niche and corporate style. 


Polishing up Your Freshdesk Support Portal Theme

Posted on 5 Apr 08:50 pm

A Freshdesk support portal could very well be compared to a reception, emergency center and customer service rolled into one as it deals with people who have questions, doubts and issues. The importance of these functions should not be underestimated, and therefore every single detail of your Freshdesk support center should be perfect. A professional impression can be accomplished by great design and a user-friendly interface and trust is exactly what you need to build in the minds of your customers.


How to motivate your employees for true customer care

Posted on 30 Mar 08:00 pm

The customer service process may look like fun, considering that the employees stay positive. Yet, this positive attitude is just a professional mask, which hides the real struggle when staff members deal with verbal abuse or the need to answer the same questions again and again or the necessity to calm down the customers.


Metrics of the Freshdesk Help Center Everybody MUST Know

Posted on 28 Feb 01:00 pm

Whereas the Freshdesk help center system perceives customers and their tickets as plain numbers for analysis, the success of any business can be measured by happy customers and their satisfaction, which, in return can be “produced” by support agents who will really listen to the users, make them feel valued, and treat them with friendliness, respect and dignity while resolving their issues.


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