View Your Freshdesk Support Portal as a Lead-Generating Channel

Posted on 30 Jan 11:14 pm


Lead generation requires certain know-hows which include composing striking email headlines that will draw the attention of your subscribers and also, an irresistible sales copy. There should be compelling words in your writings that portray what your intending leads need. However, these channels don’t facilitate a two-way communication. The questions of your customer might be side-lined.

Support portal is very crucial and quintessential in business. Companies should focus on customer service and allow their customers to express their opinions to enable them attend to them on time. This way you will build a strong brand with trust and loyalty from your customers.

How best do you go about your Freshdesk support portal as a lead generation channel?

Landing page is the centre of all

Landing pages are meant to lock your customers onto a specific product you have for sale or some unique services you offer. The purpose of landing pages is to get the visitors to sign up by completing the form.

What happens if customers have more queries and don’t complete the form? Is the lead lost?

No, the lead is not lost if you have great Freshdesk support portal to help answer the questions your customers have. To make sure you retain the lead, you can put the following on your landing page: live chat, telephone number, and pre-recorded messages.

Attend to comments and complaints on time

One of the ways your customers communicate with you is through the comments they leave on your website, Freshdesk support portal and social media. Some comments might be out of place but your ability to address each on time is what matters. Your manner of response will determine how free your customers will be to ask questions when the need arises.

Their questions and complaints will give you better understanding of what they want. You can choose to compile the questions and address them in a specific blog post, this is another great way of making your blog valuable.

Freshdesk knowledge base is your treasure

The knowledge base of your Freshdesk support portal should be very rich with valuable information, most especially when it contains the answers to the queries your potential customers might have. Create a good knowledge base that will take care of queries your customers might have. It will be very wise of you to include answers to the frequently asked questions in form of videos and articles.

Understanding the needs of your customers is the key to effective lead generation.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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