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Top Tips for Creating Customer Comfort in Your Freshdesk Self-Service Portal

Posted on 2 May 09:44 am

According to one renowned survey, the majority of customers prefer a self-service portal to find the resolution for their issues, rather than using the phone or clicking the send button. However, simply implementing a self-service portal for your business is not enough. What you need to really focus on is customer comfort or a smooth, seamless customer experience on your self-service portal.

This is true even for your Freshdesk Self-Service Portal. By using the portal to its fullest potential, you can create enhanced customer comfort that your customers have probably never experienced before, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. Wondering how can you do this? Here is a list of things to implement to accomplish customer comfort in your Freshdesk Self-Service Portal with ease:

Complete Integration Of The Self-Service Portal To Your Site

A seamless customer experience would entail that your customer doesn’t realize that he is being redirected to another site when he accesses your self–service portal from your main website. This can be accomplished only if your self-service portal is designed and functions just like your main website. Avail of our customizable self-service portal solutions using which you can match the colors, logo, typography, images and functionality of your main pages, as well as minute page elements to perfectly align with that of your organization’s website. This complete integration will assure your customers that they are still very much on your website and will enhance their trust towards your business.

Achieve Amazing Functionality With Advanced Customization

The basic design and functionality that the Freshdesk Self-Service Portal offers will suffice for the usual customer. However, it may not be enough for your customers’ special needs, and thus you may need to go beyond the basics with the advanced customization service from BreezyThemes. With this service you can customize the layout of the portal, combining pages with functionality, and create a unique user-friendly experience for you customers. Remember your mobile users as well and provide them a uniform experience irrespective of the device used. Use one of our mobile-responsive themes that are designed specifically for your Freshdesk self-service portal.

Keep Your Knowledge Base Content Up To Date

Provide your customers with easy access to answers to common questions in the form of FAQs, blog posts or articles in your Knowledge Base so that they don’t need to wait for an answer from your support team. This would require an easy and precise categorization and linking of articles so that your customers can easily find what they are searching for. Your knowledge base articles should be reviewed from time to time to see if they can be updated or improved in any way. New articles should be written proactively based on the tickets that are entered in the portal to boost the power of your knowledge base and make your portal truly self-serviced.

Reduce Response Time And Resolution Time

In a case where your customer cannot find an answer in the knowledge base, ensure that they get a quick response for their tickets. More than resolution, customers initially need to be assured that their ticket is being attended to and not lost in the queue. However, try resolving the ticket as soon as possible. Both, a quick response time and quick resolution time go hand in hand. If for any reason the resolution of the ticket needs more time, keep your customers informed about it assuring them that the work is in progress. Ensuring a hassle-free portal will only increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Implement these aforementioned pointers, and customer comfort or a smooth and seamless experience on your Freshdesk Self-Service Portal is guaranteed.

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