Tips on How to Build a Successful Community on Freshdesk Support Portal

Posted on 29 Dec 07:00 pm


Feedback is very important, especially when it comes from your existing and potential customers. As a website owner or a forum administrator, you need to have a community support forum where the general public and target market can raise issues and questions that concern them.

The right beginning with Freshdesk support portal will ensure the right results

The Freshdesk community offers you the best customer support experience with great flexibility that includes posts and comments and not just questions.

The community’s objective is to get members/users engaged with one another. It goes beyond support interaction, between the user and the admin. Depending on your choice, the community serves as a place where requests for features are collected or a forum where people with the same interests come together and interact with one another.

These simple yet effective tips will help you to engage your customers effectively with your community on Freshdesk support portal:

Organize your community support

The only way you can minimize the time spent searching for particular information on your forum is to minimize and organize the topics on the forum. Put together all similar topics in one area, doing so will make information easily accessible.

Encourage activity

Users tend to respond when the conversation is initiated, this is to say that they need to join in a discussion and not start one. Therefore, you need to start a discussion as an administrator, referencing your products and services.

Come up with intriguing content on your Freshdesk support portal

Make sure content that answers your customers’ questions is very interesting and fun to read.

Stay current

Stay up to date so you can inform the rest of your community. Members love news updates and will stay with your community when it is trending and read the latest news on your Freshdesk support portal. If your community is helpful and up to date, users will be loyal to you.

Be consistent

Staying consistent is the key to building a successful community on your Freshdesk support portal. Post articles regularly and keep promoting your community and content to attract more users. If you are consistent for years you will get to a point where you don’t have to post every day. At this point you have built a strong relationship with your users and can sell your products to them at will.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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