Practical and Efficient Tips for Writing Effective Freshdesk Help Center Articles

Posted on 31 Oct 04:09 pm


An informative Freshdesk help center is what your users find most useful in your website. It makes your customers satisfied when they can find answers to the questions they ask on your knowledge base. This increases their engagement as well as overall customer engagement and satisfaction.

Quality information on your Freshdesk support portal reduces the number of phone calls from customers, thereby giving the customer representatives more time to attend to more pressing issues. Especially the ones that are not addressed on the knowledge base.

To enjoy the benefits that come with a good knowledge base, you need great content on your Freshdesk help center.

Writing for the Target Audience

The audience you are writing for cuts across many educational backgrounds. Some are experts and well learned while some are not, so when writing for your Freshdesk help center, make sure to define each term. Keep your writing very simple and concise and avoid repetition.

Using Keywords and Tags

Before writing, do keyword research using keyword tools available. Use the keywords and tags related to your business when writing. Keywords that your customers use when they look for you on search engines increase your visibility. Use topics and keywords to organize articles in subsections and menus, so users have multiple options for browsing content.

Using a Freshdesk Knowledge Base Template

The use of Freshdesk knowledge base template when creating a help center is to maintain a particular tone and format for your brand. Never forget to reduce the work of layout and publishing. There are individual pages on your help center where the Freshdesk knowledge base template is necessary: how to articles, frequently asked questions, answer pages, a list of articles and glossaries.

Linking between Relevant Articles

Linking between relevant articles helps readers to gain more information when reading a particular topic on your Freshdesk help center. Lengthy posts and articles look confusing sometimes, but to make the whole content simple and easy to understand, create a cross-link between related issues so it will be more comfortable for learning and reading.

Allowing Article Comments

Don’t forget to allow comments on each article on your Freshdesk support portal. This helps you get feedback from your users when they read your content.

Converting Freshdesk Help Center Tickets to Articles

Tickets that users open are the best way to get ideas for your content. For each question asked, it would be great to write an article on it, other users can find it useful too.

Creating an Ideal Structure

The structure of your knowledge base goes a long way to determine the way users interact with your Freshdesk help center. You can make use of the existing structure, or you can use a customized Freshdesk knowledge base template from Breezy Themes to make your content more user-friendly and easier to navigate.

Building a quality Freshdesk help center takes effort and hard work. Make sure to provide your users the information they need and you will see them coming back for more.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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