How to Track & Analyze Helpdesk Metrics Effectively

Posted on 14 Dec 07:36 pm


Once you have an effective, multifunctional tool, like your Freshdesk help center, it would be wise to use it to the fullest potential and squeeze out all the benefits! Then it will turn from a helpful tool to a truly powerful tool! Data analysis will help you improve your services, quality of service and business strategy.

Why tracking Freshdesk metrics is advantageous

Looking closely at your customers’ experience and your team’s current performance will inevitably help you make necessary changes in order to improve performance and deliver better customer service. Once you are fully aware of what’s going on in your Freshdesk help center, you are in control of your future plans and, at the same time, it will facilitate teams to become more proactive at work. If you want to improve your levels of customer service and measure their effectiveness, you’ll definitely like using Freshdesk’s analytics tools.

Choose the most relevant Freshdesk metrics for tracking

If you are willing to get precise results, you need to use targeted information from tracking data and a special strategy. Most popular metrics include team workload, ticket lifecycles analysis, customer satisfaction ratings and more. However, the exact metrics interrelate to your business objectives and depend on how deep you are willing to dig into them.

Freshdesk’s reports are so easy to use that any manager will understand how support teams and help center are doing just from their first glance at the reports page. Furthermore, it’s possible to analyze every metric (e.g. resolution SLA, average agent response time or ticket created) individually in accordance with the ticket properties, such as agent group, status, type and more. 

You can also rationalize your support further by recognizing bottlenecks and studying problematic tickets more closely. It’s also important to note that every customer service team is different. Therefore, keeping a record of the metrics will help you to see the progress. This way the measurement of the performance will be much more accurate. Thanks to the Freshdesk feature called custom insights, you can concentrate only on the metrics most relevant to your business without going through endless lists of bulk data.

Identify trends such as busiest hours or days of the week by analyzing metrics on a daily or weekly basis. This information will help you organize your staff shifts more effectively by adding more staff during the busiest time periods.

Generating and using reports

Once you know which metrics you need to track, you can choose an analytical system. It might be either analytics offered by Freshdesk help center alone or Google Analytics to get a better vision of the picture. You can integrate all your key data and track statistics in real-time mode or generate the reports manually periodically. Either way you have the freedom to analyze right here and now in order to make quick decisions or derive conclusions based on performance during longer periods of time.

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