How Can Freshdesk Support Center Agents Boost Their Skills

Posted on 25 Nov 10:00 pm


Although Freshdesk support center creates great opportunities to help customers solve their issues in a quick and convenient manner, its knowledge base can’t do everything. Complex issues still go to your agents who should have excellent service skills. Whereas online support skills are similar to those found in a call center, they still have special requirements.

Develop written communication skills

As communication on Freshdesk support center is handled via text (email, forum comments or live chat), it is extremely important for customer service agents to explain complex issues in an easy-to-understand manner. The language they use should be clear and precise so that they don’t confuse the customer. Grammar is also important to make your text clear.

If you present an international company, you should bear in mind that your customers may not be fluent in English. Customer service agents should be able to communicate in full sentences, avoid idioms, slang, and dialectical expressions, avoid long complex explanations, use the language of the client if possible.

Use pre-set responses correctly

Pre-set responses make your life easier but they should be used properly. Before your customer service reps send one of them, they should personalize it with the name and details so that your customers won’t feel like talking to a bot. Remember that more personalized assistance is more appreciated.

Stay human

Although customer support agents can’t communicate on off-topic issues, they should sound human. If someone contacts two different online reps of your company, they shouldn’t think that they are talking to the same person. Additionally, agents should say polite words like ‘thank you’, ‘please’, and end the conversation appropriately.

Multitask properly

Multitasking is a necessary skill for customer support agents on Freshdesk support center. Ensure your staff use this skill with care because one tiny mistake can confuse the customer or even lead to worse consequences like disclosing confidential information to the wrong person.

Respond to requests as soon as possible

Online communication is very different from face-to-face interactions. Customers can’t see the agent and don’t know whether he is still there. If they don’t receive any update on what is going on, they get annoyed and leave the online chat without an answer. The opposite behavior results in satisfaction and trust to your company.

Pay attention to excellent customer service skills on Freshdesk support center as they lead to satisfactory interactions which in turn convert your users to loyal customers and boost revenue.

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