Customize Your Freshdesk to Enhance the Customer Experience

Posted on 9 Aug 06:00 pm



What to pay attention to when you customize your Freshdesk support portal

Let’s review the list of areas that are overlooked most of all: 

  1. Page speed is the very first thing users encounter. Long periods of waiting can be very annoying.
  2. Interlinking your logo with the home page is a wonderful and simple shortcut, which can improve overall site navigation. Additionally, this is not just useful from the practical perspective of a customer but can also increase your brand awareness.
  3. Displaying your menu on all pages will be interpreted as a great help for your customers. Accessibility of all sections wherever you are is a considerable part of a pleasant customer experience.
  4. Visible search box is another sign showing that you care about your customers and mobile users in particular, who will appreciate it the most. A search box is a sort of GPS system for mobile gadgets with a small screen. If it’s easily accessible you are saving your users valuable time. When they can’t find it for quite a long time, it’s very frustrating.
  5. Contact option visible on all pages is another thoughtful plus for your customers. You can add either a ‘Submit a ticket’ or ‘Contact us’ form. It will increase customer loyalty and be a great help in times when people need it the most.

The aspects above are recommended by the leading experts and have been proven to be effective by many studies conducted in the market.

Things to look for when you customize your Freshdesk

The number one thing to look for in Freshdesk customization for mobile devices is complete display of the following elements: menu, footer and header, search box, videos, pictures, etc.:

  • A complex design together with other Freshdesk elements can cause commotion on the mobile version and overlap something.
  • Images or videos can be cropped or resized.
  • Text can be partially displayed and look messy.
  • Insufficient spacing between the lines and paragraphs can make reading more difficult and hinder comprehension.

The better and more serious you are when it comes to testing your customized Freshdesk theme on mobile devices the happier (or at least more satisfied and no longer frustrated) customers you will have at the end of the day.

Experts from Breezy Themes know exactly what differentiates average or good customer experience from GREAT customer experience. Therefore, Freshworks strongly recommends working with us, knowing that we have all the experience and expertise required for achieving excellent results.

We work with every tiny detail of your Freshdesk, such as icons, functions, elements, menu items, images and so on. As a result, you will get a customized Freshdesk support portal, which your customers will definitely appreciate, and consequently they will trust your business more. And you know what monetary benefits this trust can bring along, don’t you?

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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