Creating a Round-the-Clock Freshdesk Self-Service Portal

Posted on 31 May 09:28 pm



The Freshdesk portal provides your users with a 24/7 self-service support possibility wrapped into an intuitively clear interface. As a result, it will strengthen the bond between your customers and brand.

Today self-service option is incredibly popular and people prefer it more often as opposed to dealing with a real person. At the same time, technical progress makes the portals savvier and more advanced. Freshdesk portal follows the modern trends and stays ahead in the market. It provides everything that your customers may need by predetermining customer behavior as well.

Why do you need to install Freshdesk Portal?

Freshdesk developers have already considered the needs and expectations of your customers and created an excellent self-service center which allows reducing expenses and increasing efficiency without future repetitive requests.

  • Provide quality knowledge base with categories, solution articles, and folders that constitute to the multi-level hierarchy of the Freshdesk portal.
  • Build a strong community by providing a space for direct and unobtrusive interaction with your customers. Let people share their ideas and feedback freely, post the questions and comments.

Making your Portal Bloom and Flourish

  • Mobility is your best friend. The last thing your customers should care about is the accessibility to the Freshdesk self-service portal from their favorite device and browser. Providing a seamless experience on any device, OS, and browser is your job.
  • Measure the performance. The sooner you start measuring the performance of the portal – the better. It’s recommended to focus on such metrics as average resolution time, community analytics data and especially the ratio of tickets solved by the portal versus resolved by the staff.
  • User experience is crucial. Even if you are quite successful in drawing people to your website, it doesn’t mean that they will stay there, find what they need and return later if the user experience is not good enough. Easily accessible and understandable navigation to the most important information is a must.
  • Smart search system. Freshdesk portal makes a big favor to your users by suggesting relevant information that they search for. The system automatically looks through the content listed on the portal and finds both - the sought and related pages. While the Freshdesk portal does the technical part of the job, your job is to make sure that the answers to the most common questions are thoroughly addressed and listed along with the important articles. This combo of technological intelligence and your efforts in creating quality content is a secret to ideal self-service support.
  • Gather the efforts of your team. Try to take advantage of every member of your team including sales, product and support departments. Everyone has a different angle of view and their hot topics that need to be focused on.
  • Act as a marketer. There is no much sense of Freshdesk portal if no one using it. Therefore, it’s important to have a plan on how to draw your audience to the website and promote the self-service option among them. At the same time, you will provide a wonderful user experience and spend much fewer efforts on attracting visitors to a fully customized portal.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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