Control the user access and visibility of your Freshservice knowledge base

Posted on 2 Jan 08:00 pm



It’s relatively easy to manage the access and view permissions on your Freshservice knowledge base if there is not much material you need to share with your colleagues. However, with the growth of your business, one day, it will become more difficult to arrange all the information, and you’ll need to control the access and visibility.

Freshservice support portal allows you to limit access to some of your documents and features only to select users. You could either give full access to all employees or restrict it to certain users. Freshservice allows you to configure for either scenario and manage individual folders that are available to users. For instance, you can create a set of guides and solutions for support agents and teach them best practices.

Access to the Freshservice knowledge base

Based on your needs, you can configure your Freshservice knowledge base to be visible to everyone or limit it to certain employees or departments. Open access implies that all users can see your support portal articles. This is perfect if you don’t have much information, and you want it to be available to everyone. Restricted access means that different employees or departments have access to various information in your knowledge base.

Certain user access

The Freshservice settings let you control individual internal roles that have access to specific folders. You can also let all employees view solutions, but only certain Agent Groups may be able to edit them. Freshservice knowledge base allows you to edit the permission settings on the folders. By default, when you create a new folder, it is available to everyone, but you may change it. 

Agents who are allowed to create/edit a Category or Folder can add Agent Group(s). You can configure these options under Permissions and Scope for Agent Roles. If you this permission, you can choose which Agent Groups can create, edit, and control the solution articles in specific folders in your support portal. Different Agent Groups can control solutions within certain folders that are available to them. To do this, you should: 

  1. Click on the box under Groups
  2. The option All Groups is selected by default. You can choose to keep this or select other Agent Groups within your company. 
  3. Select Agent Groups from the dropdown list. 
  4. Click on Update to save changes. 

You can also change view permissions for your employees by selecting one of the following options: 

  • All – Everyone can see the content in your support portal. 
  • Logged in – Requesters who have logged in to your service desk.
  • Agents – All Agents can see information in the knowledge base.
  • Departments – Users from a certain department.
  • Agent Groups – Agents who are in certain Agent Groups can access the information.
  • Requester Groups – Requesters from certain Requester Groups.

Freshservice knowledge base allows you to easily make information visible to everyone or select groups of users. Use this functionality to target different employees and departments with different information that is appropriate to them.


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