Can Freshdesk Be A Perfect Choice For Web Startups?

Posted on 6 Jun 12:24 am

Your business will benefit greatly from a brilliantly crafted website, and if you've been looking through ways to get your business online, you've no doubt come across Freshdesk. This proprietary software solution helps your Web-based business streamline customer service. However, is this the perfect choice for your specific startup? Well, why not get an overview about Freshdesk and how it can serve your particular requirements so that you can decide whether it is perfect for you?

What Freshdesk Does

Freshdesk gives your business a state-of-the-art support center that helps you streamline your customer service communication, thereby assisting your agents perform better, respond more promptly and resolve issues more effectively. Freshdesk comes with an interactive support portal that lets you cater to an online community. It also includes a self-help system so that your customers can easily find answers to their queries. To help you handle things better, it includes analytical tools to help you monitor your customer service and improve performance.

Benefits of Using Freshdesk

A simple email, phone call, live chat message or even a tweet can mark the beginning of the customer service cycle. Freshdesk brings all these forms of communication together in an easy to access, streamlined format, thereby improving your response times. So even if you're a startup, you provide outstanding services from the start.

Freshdesk highlights important emails and helps your support staff work simultaneously on more than one ticket so that tickets don't pile up, as is common with many startups. Additionally. there is a wide range of information and resources that Freshdesk has to help solve issues immediately, without having to do extensive research. If a question has to be forwarded to another department, teamwork is made efficient by means of collaboration tools. You can also enhance your reputation with customers with online or voice messaging platforms and rather simple live chat systems. Better still, Freshdesk's built in tracking systems will help you identify problems proactively and address them.

Freshdesk's Users

Huge companies such as Disney, Xerox and Roku use the Freshdesk support portal. David Desinger, the spokesperson of L'Oreal, says that Freshdesk has help their support team to communicate seamlessly with customers and handle tickets more efficiently. Similarly, Box' spokesperson Ryan Riddle says that the analytical tools that Freshdesk comes with has helped their support team improve efficiency.

Improving Freshdesk Even More

Your Freshdesk customer portal can be enhanced and optimized even more for your website. Here's how:

1. Social Networking and Marketing can be used to drive more traffic to your self service portal.

2. Your staff can be more proactive through regular monitoring of resolution times and performance.

3. Make your customer portal stand out with one of our user-friendly, attractive themes from

Freshdesk can give your startup the boost it needs with its streamlined customer portal and simple messaging platforms. The built in tools will certainly improve your service levels while the analytics will help you maintain those levels.

It's time to get your ideal support portal!

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