5 Ways to Improve Freshdesk Chat Support Solution

Posted on 15 Aug 05:00 pm



Live chat support provides great advantages to your customers. It allows them to interact with a real person immediately without holding on the line or waiting 24 hours for their ticket response. Being one of the most popular support channels it gives visitors another reason to stay and reach out to you without leaving disappointed.

Look at five tips on how it is possible to provide effective chat support with Freshdesk.

1. Priorities and procedures are the foundation

To ensure high standards for chat support, creating procedures is vital. You will teach your employees how to handle queries consistently and in the most effective way when dealing with two or four chat windows at the same time. It’s crucial not to leave any customer without attention and yet handle the most urgent issues first. The idea behind this is to learn how to juggle.

2. Personalization is the key

Though you probably had a hard time developing scripts and manuals for your support staff, it’s essential to personalize communications and use customer names. One of the worst chats you can imagine will look and feel like talking to a robot. And then the questions is – why do you need a real person behind the desk? Train your staff to use the personality, comments, and provide information interactively and humanly while staying professional.

3. Excellent communication skills need to be trained

Train the agents behind Freshdesk to communicate in a clear, polite, friendly, and professional manner. It means excluding usage of shortcuts even if they are commonly used verbally on the phone or in social media. At the same time, do not set too high standards, such as perfect grammar. The main criterion is a clear and appropriate way of conveying the message.

4. Effective touchpoints can win customers’ hearts

Ability to stay on the same page with customers is another indicator which differentiates average chat support from great. Therefore, you need to make sure that your staff members understand how they can help customers and make them stick to your brand or tell others about the wonderful experience.

5. The balance between empowerment and procedures

While all official procedures are maintained owing to the scripts, don’t tie your staff down to them. On the contrary, giving them more freedom and maybe even decision power to a certain extent will positively pay you back. Give your Freshdesk support employees leeway to interact with customers via chat genuinely.

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