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A custom Freshdesk theme that’s in line with the customer’s UX and UI principles


About the Company

The Football Association (FA) is the governing body of association football in England. It is the oldest football association in the world and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the amateur and professional game in its territory.


It was crucial for The FA that their custom Freshdesk theme aligns with their UX and UI principles. They also wanted to be able to update all of the features that we would create.


We took our Barren theme for Freshdesk as a basis and customized it according to The FA’s style guidelines and mockup. The branding changes included the logo, colors, fonts, and homepage layout changes. We also made the header and footer match the FA’s main website.

The home page of the Freshdesk support portal had some changes. We changed the ‘How can we help you’ text, added one custom block and made three category boxes display on the page. The third custom block ‘Change Question Status’ takes the logged in user to Tickets page and the anonymous one to the Login page. We also renamed three ‘See all articles’ buttons in custom blocks to ‘See all topics’, ‘Submit a question’, ‘See question status’ and removed the sub-copy on ‘Knowledge Base’ and ‘Question’ boxes.

According to The FA’s requirements, we renamed the ‘Submit a request’ button to ‘Submit a question’ on each page including the ‘Submit a request’ page. To help their team update all these features without our assistance in future, we provided them with instructions.






The FA has a professional-looking custom Freshdesk theme that is in line with their strict UX and UI principles and has extra features tailor-made for their support portal.



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