Freshdesk help center that replicates the main site and features additional custom blocks


About the Company

letzNav (currently rebranded to Apty) is a company that helps businesses gain real, measurable value when implementing leading enterprise applications.


letzNav’s goal was to make their Freshdesk similar to their primary website. They wanted to change the main page layout and replicate some features from Freshdesk’s support portal by adding custom blocks with images and icons for category buttons. Additionally, it was important to them to have a fully editable theme that they can change themselves in future. Finally, letzNav had a tight deadline as they were preparing for a major corporate event.


We took our Frio template for Freshdesk as a basis and added branding. We changed the logo, colors, and background image. To make the home page layout similar to Freshdesk’s support portal we added two big custom blocks with images for ‘Getting Started’ and ‘The letzNav Editor’ and smaller tiles with Streamline icons for sections in letzNav’s Knowledge Base.




letzNav has a new look and feel of their help center that is based on our fully editable Freshdesk template. Their customers feel comfortable now when they leave the main website for their support portal.

big mockup

“Everything is great. The theme and branding look good. Thanks for expedited delivery.”

Gauri S.

Get the same feel and look as your main website

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