This useful extension creates simple and responsive notices for Freshdesk or Freshservice support portal users.

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The notification banner is designed in a stylish way and informs your customers about warnings, releases, important announcements, outages, and many more circumstances. Generally speaking, this Freshdesk extension simplifies the objective without having to use coding skills. All you have to do is place all messages in the header of your Freshdesk or Freshservice support portal or when you use regular editing tools.

Technically, you simply create an article with notification content and mark it with a particular tag. Afterwards, the extension will place the notification according to the settings and edit it according to the special tag.

Notification banners are split into 4 preset types:

  • information
  • danger
  • warning
  • success

    Default banners vary in their colors and icons; however, you can create your own banner type and customize it the way you like. Once closed, the alert banners will not pop up again on your Freshdesk or Freshservice support portal.

    At the moment this extension is provided for our Freshservice and Freshdesk templates only.

    Key features

    • coding is not needed
    • preset and customizable notification banner types
    • a different view on different pages depending on the relevance
    • Retina-ready and responsive
    • multilingual opportunities
    • additional Freshservice and Freshdesk customization service
    • installation free of charge
    • applicable for all Freshdesk themes, but if you don't use our theme, extra costs are involved.

      Notification variations

      Our new guides are published! Check them here


      We are currently experiencing an outage in our East Coast Data Center.

      Without icon

      We are performing scheduled maintenance. we should be back online shortly.

      Without Close button

      Alert Success

      New version of our app (2.0) has been released!

      With Title

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