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Freshdesk support center with a seamless look
and sign-in options


About the Company

Gnarly Books helps create the right cloud bookkeeping and accounting solution for businesses in Canada.


Apart from matching the Freshdesk support center to the style of their main website, Gnarly Books wanted to add an opportunity to sign in to the personal document storage and sign-in links to partner websites on the home page.


Seamless look and feel

To be in line with the website style, we chose the ultra-modern Moose theme that features a wave pattern. We started with basic changes: colors, fonts, icons, background image with the watermark effect for the logo, links to social media pages, and footer from the Gnarly Books’ main website.


Footer on the Freshdesk support center

blocks and links on the home page

The main challenge was related to multiple sign-in links that had to be on the home page of the Freshdesk support center. First, we transformed the fourth custom block into the login page for the customer document sharing portal and stylized it. The block consists of the title, two fields for the email address and password, and sign-in button. Second, we added a “Sign-in Links” section featuring partner logos with links. They are displayed on the home page as well as inner pages.


Custom blocks and sign-in links on the home page

A user-friendly layout that avoids clutter

Custom blocks looked cluttered when they had large bright icons, titles, and descriptions. To make them look neat and clean, we deleted the descriptions. Another problem was a large number of articles that required a long scroll to get through all of them on the home page of the Freshdesk customer portal. To solve it, we hid the category tree. Now customers choose the category and get to the page with all of the articles populating it.

As a result, the main page of the Freshdesk support portal has custom blocks and category list from the default Moose template. Inner pages have sign-in links to partner websites and Related articles from the same section instead of Zendesk’s default Recent articles.




Gnarly Books provides seamless customer experience to their clients. Their Freshdesk support center mirrors their main website and makes users feel comfortable and secure. The overall design looks neat and uncluttered. To add more partner logos via code modification, Gnarly Books received a manual from us.


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