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A Freshdesk support center that is easy to use and modify


About the Company

FastModel Sports is the most innovative technology company in sports that has developed the industry’s best coaching software products, including FastDraw, the #1 Play Diagramming and Playbook Software, and created incredible brand loyalty.


The most important thing to FastModel Sports was to have a clean-looking and easily digestible Freshdesk support center. They also wanted to be able to modify it on their own if needed. Finally, the customization project had to be completed within the allocated budget.


We took our Frio theme for Freshdesk support center as it has the layout similar to their main website and a large background image. This helped us save on customizing the header and footer to match the site and stay on budget. The header was made sticky to be visible at all times.

To place all the required categories on the homepage, we added 4 custom blocks and 5 categories in the same line. The ‘login’ button was completely removed. We also changed the look of the category page. Sections appear as folders with icons. The author and date were removed from the article page.

After the first round of revisions FastModel Sports decided to make small changes that we added before the theme was published on their support portal.

In order to help FastModel Sports modify their Freshdesk support center in future, our developers provided them with all the necessary instructions.




FastModel Sports has a Freshdesk support center that looks and flows in a manner that is easily digestible and simple.

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“Thanks so much, the site looks great!”

Alicia Q.

Create a Freshdesk support center that is easy to digest and modify

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