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You can get your theme branded simply by choosing our Branding service. If you need more changes, then you will benefit from our Customization service.

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  • Complete compatibility with Freshdesk and more features
  • Theme is not compatible with Freshservice
  • Compatible with Freshdesk Mint if you order Branding
  • Estate and Forest plans
  • Compatible with modern browsers
  • Includes free installation
  • Customization services are optional

This theme is not compatible with Freshdesk colors and fonts variables

Concord Blue Freshdesk theme

About the theme

Give your Freshdesk Support Portal a hint of elegance with our mobile-friendly and premium theme, named Concord. It is perfect for any quantity of content at you Support Portals. Both large and small knowledge bases can take advantage of this beautiful and powerful Freshdesk theme.

Concord has a modern design, and just like all our themes, it is highly customizable. You can design the home page the way you want and play around with several layouts before you choose the final one while keeping the navigation simple. The theme includes the possibility to use custom blocks.

Additionally, as is the case with all our themes, Concord is designed to be responsive and Retina ready. This feature makes the theme perfect for all devices including iPhones, iPads, Android phones, or tablets. Also, the theme’s code is optimized such that it loads quickly, reducing waiting time for your users.

responsive Conway Blue
Additional Formatting Components

Formatting Components

To help you create appealing and easy-to-navigate content, all our knowledge base themes for Freshdesk support portal include formatting components which aren’t part of the standard Freshdesk and Freshservice template. Themes for Freshdesk support portal from Breezy Themes already have everything to make changes in your articles without having to add numerous features and plugins.

Responsive & Retina-ready

Our responsive themes for Freshdesk Support Portal are designed for all kinds of devices and all major browsers. Your customers will be able to use your Support Portal on any device — either on a large desktop or on a small smartphone. To ensure that themes are cross-browser and cross-device compatible we put our themes through extensive testing.

r_r Concord Blue

Customizable homepage

Choose any one of the three existing page layouts or mix them as you wish.

Freshdesk Concord Theme  Category Tree

Category Tree

Freshdesk Concord Theme  Custom Blocks + Category List

Custom Blocks + Category List

Freshdesk Concord Theme  Custom Blocks + Category Tree

Custom Blocks + Category Tree

Amazing forums, solutions and other pages

Every page in this theme is designed to let your readers have a great user experience.

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Our Freshservice and Freshdesk themes are easily customizable


You can install your new Freshservice or Freshdesk theme quickly and effortlessly by following these simple steps on our support portal. You can also use our installation service free of charge.


If you want your portal theme to look identical to your site (homepage layout, fonts, colors, icons, hero image), you have two options. You can do it yourself if you can work with CSS and HTML or we can offer Freshdesk branding.


Your developers can make additional changes to your portal as we’ve made the code clean and easy to work with. However, if you don’t want to find the right candidate for this job, order Customization from us.

Main features

100% compatible with Freshdesk

Being an official Freshworks partner and knowing everything about their software, we offer many additional functional features.

Test drive all our templates

Try live demos of each template and its features to choose the most suitable one for your requirements before making a purchase

Instant access after the payment

Files will be sent within 5 min and you’ll be able to import them to your portal. Customization is possible before publishing.

Font Awesome

670+ icons provided by Font Awesome come as a default feature to make your portal pages and articles more engaging and the way you want them to be.

Easily maintainable code

Our Freshdesk templates won’t cause you problems because we look at every tiny detail of the code to make it crystal clear for your developers.

Advanced Freshdesk branding and customization

You can make your knowledge base look totally identical to your official website in terms of look and feel, branding elements, extra visual components and cool features, which go beyond the default Freshdesk knowledge base template.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are custom blocks?
They are known as static links to customer portal or website pages. You can change the titles, links, descriptions (depending on a chosen template), and icons. Besides, you can hide one block or several ones in the settings, and increase their number with the help of Customization.
What extensions are included in the theme?
The theme includes Additional Formatting Components.
Can I install the theme?
Yes. You can do it yourself without our assistance or hassle. Open our instruction and follow the steps in it. Besides, we offer a free installation service if needed.
Can I change the theme on my own?

You can brand and customize the theme yourself if you’re aware of CSS and HTML. You receive access to the code that you can easily read and modify. To save time and get a design based on your brand, you can also order Branding on our website. If you prefer more tailor-made modifications, you may choose Freshdesk and Freshservice Customization.

How to receive the theme upon buying?
You get an email with an archive containing files in 3-5 minutes. You can customize the theme before publishing it.
Do all themes support Freshdesk and Freshservice functionality?
Yes, they are compatible. As a Freshworks partner, we’re aware of all their software's peculiarities and offer additional features that are not provided by Freshdesk and Freshservice.
Do themes support the Freshdesk and Freshservice multilingual feature?
Yes. Additionally, every theme has specific capabilities based on language.
Is it difficult to modify and maintain the theme?
No. It is simple to make changes and maintain the theme when you understand CSS and HTML. Our developers employ modern tools and check each step twice. Therefore, it will take you just several minutes to make small changes to the theme even if you are not a professional developer.
How are themes updated?
Freshdesk and Freshservice themes are generally updated automatically. If you need to add something manually, ask us for assistance or do it yourself. Buy one of our Care Protection Plans, and we will take responsibility for updates and functions that don’t have automatic updates.
Which payment options are available?
We accept payments via global credit and debit cards, PayPal, checks, and bank transfers. Detailed instructions are provided on our portal.
Is it possible to change the theme or get refunded if I don’t like it?
As we offer irrevocable and non-tangible products and services, we don’t provide an opportunity to refund money because products are already sent to you. Still, we meet half-way with our clients in case of some exceptional circumstances.

It’s time to get started with a truly intuitive support portal and squeeze all the best from what Freshdesk and Freshservice can offer!

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