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Keep your Freshdesk and Freshservice support portals in the right hands

A reliable web developer and design company—Breezy Themes—that specializes in Freshservice and Freshdesk themes, branding and customization has become an authorized Freshworks Solution Partner.

Breezy Themes has already delivered numerous portal customizations across the globe, during the course of which they have gathered significant product expertise as well as strong technical capabilities on the Freshworks developer platform.

“Our partnership with Breezy Themes ensures businesses using Freshdesk can create highly personalized customer experiences. Breezy Themes are specialists with experience in building and implementing custom themes and templates based on customer requirements.”

Rajiv Ramanan, Head of Freshworks Marketplace

The main positive aspect of this partnership can be considered as improvement of quality engagement for the end users. Businesses will now be able to bring a unified and standardized customer experience across multiple platforms.

Brief facts about Freshworks

Trusted by 150 000+ businesses worldwide, Freshworks continues to work on improving the variety of its services and increasing its market share in the global arena. Freshworks is the proud recipient of the Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice Award, which has gained over 100 verified positive reviews.

Key advantages of Freshservice and Freshdesk support portals  –  these two portals cover the front end and back end of your business by managing requests from customers and employees in one system, whereas the design and additional customization services are provided by an experienced official partner—Breezy Themes.

Advantages of ordering customization from Breezy Themes  – owing to an official partnership with Freshworks, Breezy Themes stands ready and committed to your satisfaction with unique templates and features, quality guarantee, premium and rocket-fast service support.

Distinctive features and services provided by Breezy Themes:

  • Premium themes for Freshdesk and Freshservice support portals;
  • Branding and customization services make the pages 100% identical to your corporate style by offering a great range of features needed to make people recognize your brand at every stage of their experience and interaction;
  • Additional customization options will make sure that your customers are always happy and fully informed and give a feeling of confidence and clarity at times when they feel lost and uncertain. This can be achieved via smart additional components for professional and effective article formatting. Among them are custom blocks, callout notifications, attractive animation, video and much more along with different structural elements, helping to group content logically to improve readability and make users focus on the most important information;
  • Clean code, adaptation to all browsers and displays, including Retina and mobile are those technical fundamentals of templates provided by Breezy Themes;
  • Extra benefits include 670+ Font Awesome icons to make your Freshservice or Freshdesk support portal look impressive.

 About Breezy Themes

Breezy Themes is a rapidly growing, ambitious company that focuses solely on delivering premium-class services to Freshdesk and Freshservice support portal users. This single specialty allows them to maintain the expertise of the specialists, creativity and a truly individual approach to every case.

The official partnership is now guaranteeing the quality provided by versatile Breezy Themes templates, which are suitable for a great variety of businesses, fully customizable and support 100% of Freshdesk and Freshservice functionality.

 “Our team has dedicated countless hours to learning every single detail of Freshdesk and Freshservice to create only fully compatible and properly coded support portals. Now we are glad to be finally recognized by Freshworks as their authorized solution partner. This partnership will give all Freshdesk and Freshservice customers a unique opportunity to enjoy unprecedented end-to-end solutions provided within Freshworks.”

Daniel Alexander, CTO, Breezy Themes

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